Ditch the conventional cash-checking method of receiving your payment for a more convenient and quicker one! Activate your Global Cash Card at www.globalcashcard.com/activate as it not only helps you reduce fees and risks of lost or stolen checks but also lessens the chances of check fraud. Global Cash Card is a more secure and less costly alternative to other payment methods.

Global Cash Card provides a digital payment method and can be used in all U.S. states. For states requiring pay-to-the-penny options for paycards, cardholders can get full paycard balances with Global Cash Card. It is also in accordance with Regulation E guidelines.

Global Cash Card Activation Procedure

Global Cash Card is very user friendly and can be used wherever Visa and MasterCard are acceptable or you can withdraw cash at any ATM anywhere in the world. You can not only check card balances, transfer funds, pay bills but also sign up for Global Cash Card’s Rewards and Discounts program to earn discounts on health insurance, travel, restaurants and much more. You can also receive text and email alerts regarding any account activity.

Employers can also enjoy cost cuts on traditional paper paychecks with Global Cash Card as well as other additional costs including postage, overnight delivery charges and other costs. You also get solution tailored to your needs and can create customized paycards and online cardholder and administrative interfaces to promote your company’s brand and identity.

Activating a Global Cash Card is a fairly simply procedure that can be carried out in a few short and easy steps which have been detailed as follows:

  1. Go to www.globalcashcard.com/activate from your web browser
  2. When asked if you own a card, click “yes”
  3. Enter your card number and click “Submit”
  4. If you don’t have a card, click “No” when asked which will enable you to access paystubs, W-2s or 1099s.
  5. Enter your last name, your ID used by your company (which could be your SSN, your employee ID or other )

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