Amazon provides its users with a very friendly user interface to login from your credit card. The following are the very steps which will allow you to access your Amazon Credit Card Login.

To use login with Amazon Credit Card

Amazon Credit Card Login

  1. Open the website which has the option of logging in with an Amazon Credit Card option.
  2. The site will show an option which will say “Login in Amazon Credit Card” as an option. Click on that.Amazon Credit Card Login 1
  3. Enter your credentials at the host Amazon login system for your credit card. Case sensitive fields.
  4. If you are logging in from a device or computer for the very first time with your Amazon Credit Card credentials, the site will show you a prompt asking if you want to share certain information from your personal profile, you can click okay if you wish to do so.
  5. You will now be successfully logged in through your Amazon Credit Cards given that your credentials are authentic.
  6. Upon confirmation of user credentials, you will then be redirected to the site which you were accessing to login through your Amazon Credit Card. Websites pertaining to e-commerce will have this option.

NOTE: Do keep in mind that whenever a site which is facilitated by the Amazon Credit Card, will redirect you to Amazon’s website for login purposes hence keep a watch out for those websites which obtain user credentials by fraud.

Depending on the type of security measures you’ve set up for your account, you would be prompted to enter a security code. This security code can be received by you in a number of ways depending entirely on the option you have selected in your account settings. The most common authorization methods include text messages, an authenticator app, and prompts on your phone, automated emails and voice calls have become very useful as well. By asking to “Remember me” on a computer system, the very next time you login, the system won’t prompt you to verify yourself through the security code and will only ask for the login password upon the landing page of the credit card login system. If you would require customer service after enabling this two-step verification login, you would be provided a similar security could upon accessing and signing in into your account.

Amazon Credit Card

Revoke Access of Amazon Credit Card Login

In order to revoke the rights of a website in which you’ve entered your Amazon Credit Card details, follow the following steps;

  1. Go to the website
  2. Hover over to option of “Your Account.”
  3. Go to the sections section under which you have to click on “Manage Login with Amazon.”
  4. In order to revoke the login of an existing website, click remove

NOTE: Be sure to revoke credentials from the Amazon website by removing them especially if you are using a public device or computer system.

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