Physically visiting your bank, paying bills, cashing checks and keeping a  track of your account is not only old school but extremely tiring. However, with advances in technology, online banking is a newly emerging phenomenon just like Bank of America has launched its online portal is essentially an online banking platform for the convenience of its clients where they can access their accounts securely, pay bills and manage their credit cards on the go. Not only online transactions of money can be made easily but one can also stay informed regarding one’s account activity.

About Bank of America Corporation

Bank of America headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina is the second largest bank holding company with 51,000 banks, 16,300 ATMs along with its online and mobile banking service-providers, is a multinational banking and financial services providing corporation.

Step by Step guide to access the online portal for Bank of America

If you are ready to ease up your life through online banking then you must access the online portal for Bank of America by following the step by step guidelines below:

  1. Visit the following URL in your web browser to access the official page for Bank of America
  2. If you haven’t registered before for the online banking then you need to sign up by registration
  3. Click on the “enroll now” button on the left side of the page. You will be then be directed to the registration page
  4. You’ll be asked to provide your complete card or account number, your complete Social Security number (SSN) or Tax Identification number (TIN) of 9 digits and then click on the “continue” button below.
  5. You’ll further be given prompts to create your own user id and set your pass code.
  6. Then you’ll be asked to set up your security parameters and lastly verify your information to complete the registration.

Once you have successfully registered for Bank of America online banking portal you can easily login every time you access the home page, just by providing your ID and password and start managing your account online anywhere you want from any device that has an internet access.

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  • I have been trying to get a pass code to be able to get in to my account. They have the wrong phone number and the e_mail is a little wrong____ my e_mail is as follows _____ xyz@yahoo.com____ my cell phone is as follows___9********2. Please fix this for me will you ?

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