Sprint, run by the Sprint Corporation, is a Telecommunications company and is known globally for products like wireless and Internet services.

Along with this service, Sprint also provides an extensive network of customer service, both in the US and internationally. If you are facing any problems while using Sprint products or services, simply call Sprint Customer Service to have your problems addressed by a Sprint representative.

Types of Customer Services provided by Sprint:

  1. Calls: Sprint representatives are available on various numbers internationally or within the United States during specific hours, based on the country.
  2. Chat: This service is available 24/7. However, the service may be down in case of high traffic on the website. Chats are also available internationally.
  3. Mailing Address: A mailing address is available for business customers.
  4. E-mail: An international e-mail service has been provided to aid customers with their problems around the globe.
  5. Social Media Accounts: Although this is not ideal, additional help can be sought at the company’s various accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How to call Sprint Customer Service:

To call the Sprint customer service, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open your phone’s Dialling Pad.
  2. Enter the Sprint Customer Service number, 888-211-4727
  3. Follow any instructions relevant to your problem.
  4. When you get connected to a representative, make sure you provide them with any information relevant to your problem.

If you are having any issues with a Sprint phone itself, make sure that you call Sprint Customer Service from another phone instead.

International Customer Service:

In addition to support from within the United States, Sprint also provides support internationally, to countries like Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Trinidad & Tobago, The United Kingdom, and the Caribbean Islands. A general toll number is also available for countries other than those specified, at +1-817-698-4199.

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One comment on “How to call Sprint Customer Service Centre

  • Hello Sprint Customer Service,
    I have had a VERY VERY difficult time trying to to make SURE I was not accruing Internaltional roaming charges. I
    signed up for the international service at the airport when I arrived in France. I tried to call Sprint BEFORE I left the States. The phone tree is MISERABLE to try and get through.
    I was DISCONNECTED, just before my flight.
    Trying to reach out for help when your out of the country customer service number is FAR from convent!!
    I EVEN called the number that said it was for France, got the east coast, left a message. Asked them to help me!
    No response.
    I TRIED to make CERTAIN that I was NOT running off another network.
    I am in Paris, on an EMERGENCY basis!!
    My BEST friend died from Cancer.
    The LAST thing I needed was to deal w connectivity and billing issues w my phone.!!
    I got here on Tuesday. I JUST got the Sprint Connection text around 5:30 TODAY Paris time!!! New Year’s Day!!
    In the text confirmation, it said to check my IPhone to make sure it was on an international settings. Please tell me where it IS…???? I DONT see it! Thank You!!

    PlEASE, Customer Service…..FIX this!!

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