It can be said without a doubt that we are living in the era of liquid money, most of which is contained in the form of gift and loyalty cards. An important aspect of availing the gift cards is to keep a constant check on the remaining balance, which now can easily be done online through CheckMyGiftBalance. In the growing world of banking competition, United Bank is one of the banks that offers a diverse range of gift card packages to meet the expectations of any merchant and have extended their packages to business of all sizes whether it be small scale or large scale.

United Bank allows its customers to not just choose your card from a diverse range of options but also personalize it with your own color themes or images.

About Check My Gift Card Balance

CheckMyGiftBalance is an online portal service which allows the users to check the remaining balance on their gift cards and loyalty cards that have been issued to them by Harbortouch Payments, LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha.

How to use the CheckMyGiftBalance service online?

If you want to manage your gift cards effectively by keeping a track of the expenditure you do with them or if you wish to keep your gift cards active for a long time office then follow the step by step guidelines below to use the CheckMyGiftBalance service online:

  1. Visit the following in your web browser to access the official homepage for CheckMyGiftBalance service
  2. At the middle of the homepage, you will see a required field for the number of your gift card
  3. Enter your gift or loyalty card number by copying it from the back of your card into the required field
  4. The press the button “Go” to access the amount of balance that is remaining on your card

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