Banana Republic Credit Cards – These credit cards are not just limited to being operational for the Banana Republic but more of GAP cards since GAP is its parent brand. The rewards which are obtained through these cards count towards Athleta, Old Navy, and Pipertime. The reward of $10 is given to the customer for every $200 which is spent on a GAP store or website. In order to receive the Banana Republic Credit Card after signing up, you earn 2,000 bonus points and a 15% on your purchases on the same day.

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Banana Republic Introduction

Being a fashion retailer in the United States has indeed become a very challenging situation given the competitive market. Having itself well established ever since its inception in 1978, Banana Republic has more than 640 stores throughout the United States. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. Banana Republic is the owned by the multinational corporation, GAP Inc. The Banana Republic is best known for its hand-drawn catalogue of items with fictional traveler/explorer stories prints which make a perfect blend alongside their safari-themed retail locations. Banana Republic was not always owned by GAP; it acquired the retailer in 1983.

Access your Banana Republic Credit Card

Once registered as a user, as a member you are able to access your Banana Republic Credit Card account through the following steps:

  • You will visit their website
  • You will be prompted for your user credentials which you will enter, as an option you can also choose to make the website remember your user name credentials.
  • Do not forge that upon trying to access your online Banana Republic account; you would need to have your own Banana Republic credit card and the information which this card withholds.
  • Enter the credentials of the credit card to login
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN code
  • You will then press the continue button
  • Your Banana Account Credit Card will be fully functional and accessible now.
  • As you are logged in now, you can avail all the online facilities which are provided by the Banana Republic.

Banana Republic Credit Card

Order through Banana Republic Credit Card Account

If you have made an investment of signing up for the Banana Republic Credit Card, follow the steps below, and you can quickly pay your monthly bill through their website.

  1. Log on to the Banana Republic store website;
  2. There will be a “Member Login” option on the left side of the section. Enter your username and password in order to proceed to the sign-up section.
  3. Once you have logged in successfully, hover into the section of payments and choose the amount you would want to pay
  4. It’s done! You have successfully paid the bill; it is as simple as that.

The users can make use of the following by using the Banana Republic Credit Card;

  • The Banana Republic Online Credit Center
  • Bills can be paid online
  • Tracking of rewards
  • Systematic Amount History
  • Check and view current and previous balances

Banana Republic

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