Cigna-HealthSpring is a Health Services company that gives people access to Medicaid and Medicare. Medicare is a service provided by the US Government that gives people that are 65 or older access to hospital insurance and medical services such as visits to the doctor, care, preventative measure, and medical supplies. The basic Medicare Part A… Read More


Emmi – Expectation Management and Medical Information – produced by Emmi Solutions, is an online software that helps patients learn about medical procedures through helpful and informative videos and interactive tools. To do this, they have created an online portal, My-Emmi Programs that allows users, i.e. patients, to login to their account, view detailed yet… Read More


You can get the beautiful smile you always wanted with Lumineers® at It is the number one patient-requested veneer system in the world. Lumineers® are easy and painless to apply because of their ultra-thin texture as compared to the traditional veneers which are much thicker and therefor difficult to apply. For the same reason… Read More


Need to take your medicine, but your prescription has ended? Now you must decide between two choices: leave everything for a trip to the pharmacy or skip your medicine. A hard decision, with two equally bad choices, which you’re often forced to make. Not anymore, because MyPrimeMail gives you a third choice; refill your prescription… Read More


Health is a fleeting thing; you may be healthy one moment and suffer a change of fate in the next. There are so many things in this world that can harm a person physically that one cannot keep a track of them; from diseases to accidents, you never know when you might face an unexpected… Read More


Do you wish to stay actively involved in your healthcare process? Is it your desire to maintain a healthy relationship with your doctor? Or do you want to have a profound patient experience? Then the good news is that University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center launched a health portal named as “myMDAnderson” which is… Read More


Are you worried about your health or of your loved ones? Or you can’t find any medical assistance nearby? Then you need not to worry now, all you need to do is become a member of MyHealthToolkitKC and this health portal will provide you the nearest doctor, dentist, physician nearest to your location. When you… Read More

My Online Chart

Are you constantly worried about your health or of your loved ones? Or you can’t find any medical assistance nearby? Then you need not to worry now, all your health summary will now safely be compiled at one portal, My Online Chart. About My Chart My Online Chart is an online web portal which is… Read More


Visiting pharmacies, maintaining prescriptions and getting monthly medicines is a tiresome ordeal especially when we are all prone to losing prescriptions and dose details of our medicines. But now this is a hassle-free activity since MyCatamaranRX has launched an online web portal at designed by the Catamaran Corporation, helping the customers to access their… Read More


MyWakeHealth is a patient entrance that offers advantageous, secure access to the data you have to deal with your care. It empowers you to utilize the Internet safely to see your restorative data on the web. Access myWakeHealth services from your PC or cell phone. By using myWakeHealth you can ask for medicinal arrangements, see… Read More


MyUnityPoint is an online service at provided by UnityPoint Health using the MyChart tool. The website allows the user, i.e. patients, to view their hospital records and communicate with their health providers using a secure messaging service. Benefits of using MyUnityPoint: Ability to view your medical records and test results online. Ability to register… Read More

UCSF MyChart

The UCSF Medical Center (University of California, San Francisco) is a University Hospital based in the US. One of their services is an online tool called USCFMyChart, which can be accessed by patients to view their medical records and confidential information. The website allows its users to carry out a number of activities, such as… Read More

My Medical Payments

Visiting a physician is one of the hardest, yet necessary, tasks of a person’s life. It is often difficult to find a physician who fits your needs, both as a patient and a person. What’s even harder is going through the hassle of paying your physician and all the medical bills associated with your visit.… Read More


OSFMyHealth is an online portal service provided by MyChart and OSF Healthcare. OSF Healthcare, based in Illinois and Michigan, is a Catholic non-profit healthcare provider and has been involved in Hospitals and Clinics since 1877. This online portal can be used in numerous ways, for example, to make appointments, to contact your healthcare providers, to… Read More


Novant Health is a combined system having doctors, hospitals and services that are especially designed for their patients to provide them with the best health care facilities. They have the best medical teams, advanced medical treatments and latest technology. They care for their patients as health always comes first. They are proving ease to their… Read More

My Zone Moves

My Zone Moves, distributed by MYZONE is a heart rate monitoring service that helps its users track and observe their physical activity. However, its uses extend far beyond simply monitoring the heart rate as it can be used to track calories, time spent in physical activity, and special rewards called MEP, MYZONE Effort Points. Benefits… Read More

My UHC Vision

United Healthcare is an insurance company based in the US. The company deals with health-related insurance plans and offers effective healthcare, affordable plans, and useful products and services to individuals and companies. One kind of coverage offered by United Healthcare is their Vision Insurance, and to aid their customers, they have built a website at… Read More

My Healthevet

My Healthevet is an online portal that helps the veterans and their families to keep the track of their health records by providing them with necessary tools and resources. All they need to do is to create an account on by following simple steps and in this way they can view their health information,… Read More

My First Health Network

Gone are the days when you had to run from one medical center to another, to find that one doctor who could help you with your health condition. My First Health is an Aetna recognized online network, which provides a great opportunity for the people to find the perfect doctor, according to their health conditions… Read More