My Care Plus

My Care Plus is an online portal which provides its patients with an easy online access to information related to laboratory test, medication and diagnosis. Patients can have an access to their health information with the help of internet in a secure way. Patients can register themselves to and can have a better understanding… Read More


MyBlueKc is an online service created by Blue Cross of Kansas, which caters to your health care needs and important decisions related to that. It helps you know about your biometric measurements so that you can map your health and if need be can get help at the right time. Staying healthy is very important,… Read More

My Balance Factor

Vitamins and supplements are the key to live a healthy balanced life and My Balance Factor provide such vitamins and supplements that are totally organic and made up of natural food that adds energy to your life. The organic products offered by My Balance Factors don’t contain any artificial flavor or sweetener. By visiting My… Read More


Integrative Health Care is an organization that is created by the group of physicians to provide ease to their patients to get cure to their problems. They provide their patients with natural medicines to get rid of many problems like thyroid, to get relief from natural pain, digestion, and allergy etc. If patients are using… Read More


WellSpan Health is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide health care to the people in the society in the most convenient and efficient manner. Their main focus is to provide the health services to its people as soon as possible without creating difficulties for them by developing a good relationship with patients. For… Read More


Humana Member Services at accesses you to advantageous Medicare plans, prescription-based drug supply programme, supplement insurance plan, group-based healthcare plans, plans for special healthcare requirements and other optional supplemental benefits. Along with its health insurance facilities, myHumana provides its customers with a complete set of programmes and tools to live a healthy long and… Read More

My Sanford Chart

My Sanford Chart is a website especially designed to guarantee, you secure online access at to your own health information as well as your child’s health information. It’s available anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet access. It is free of cost and the registration process is quick and simple. WHY CHOOSE MY… Read More


Cigna is an international health service organization that is devoted to helping people enhance their wellbeing, prosperity and sense of security. Headquartered in Belgium, it is growing rapidly with over 40,000 employees who cater to 85 million customers throughout the world. Cigna has over 50 years of experience in planning, executing and running world-wide group… Read More

Prime Therapeutics

Prime Therapeutics is a company whose main purpose is to make people feel better and to make sure that they live their life healthy. This motto motivates them to work harder to achieve their goals and dreams. Health care is quite complex and pharmacy is only one portion of the problem; that’s why you should… Read More

AARP Medicare Plans

It is extremely important that we take care of our health because we never have any idea of its value until it starts deteriorating. With AARP Medicare Plans at you can manage health plans and find medical products that you can easily have access to in your area. So join AARP Medicare plans today… Read More

eTenet Login

Access the best healthcare portal via eTenet Login at Tenet Health Corporation, THC for short, was founded in 1967 with its headquarters in Texas, USA. It is a multinational company providing healthcare services through its 87 hospitals, 20 short-stay surgical hospitals, over 420 outpatient facilities and 9 UK facilities. Create an account for eTenet… Read More