Find Kroger Pharmacy Hours of operation, timings when they are providing services – What time does Kroger open? What time does Kroger close?

Your health is your greatest wealth. You are very lucky if you are spending a healthy life. You need to keep up with your diet and avoid junk and fast food if you want to be in good health and good shape. The intake of proper diet that contains fresh fruits and vegetables is very important to be strong. Now a days it is very difficult to find fresh and good quality fruits and vegetables. But you are blessed if you have a Kroger store near you or in your town where you can drive up to it just remembering the Kroger hours of providing services to the customers. Kroger is providing their customers with the best of their services and very well organized retailer stores. Kroger has managed to develop the trust of people upon itself in such a way that the love of the people has made the Kroger number one retailer store chain in United States.


Kroger was founded by Barney Kroger in 1883 at 66 pearl street, downtown, Cincinnati, United States.  There are almost 2774 stores in 34 States collaboration with more than 24 brands associated with their stores. Kroger is famous for selling 100% fresh and quality grocery but they also sell bakery, organic foods, natural foods and hot meals ready to eat items as well. They are providing with floral stores as well. Barney Kroger opened a small grocery store with all the savings he had with a simple motto that “Never sell anything that you would not want for yourself”. Kroger is working on its motto ever since they developed it. This is the main reason of their success. The love of the people has ranked Kroger services as the world’s best retailer store. Kroger care for their customers have blessed them with this much success and they are thankful to their customers for their success.

Products offered by Kroger

Kroger is providing its customers with some really quality and fresh vegetables and fruits. The customers are also satisfied with the products offered by them. They not only sell grocery but they have also expanded their products chain to different bakery items and their stores also contains a meat corner making them the first across United States to offer grocery and meat under one roof and they have many kitchen items in their stores as well. Some of the main deals they provide their customers with are as followings:

  • All fresh vegetables including onions, potatoes, chilies, radish, carrots, mint leaves, spinach and many more can be easily found here.
  • All fruits including apples, oranges, strawberries etc. are found here. The fruits are present according to their respective seasons whereas all fruits are available in tinned form.
  • Floral stores of Kroger contains the best variety of flowers as well. People always want to come and buy again once they have visited the Kroger’s stores.
  • Different kitchen products including milk, biscuits, cream cheese, honey and hand wash etc. are also easily available here.
  • Kroger stores originate their own baked breads and sell to their customers which are of excellent quality and cheap as well.

Kroger Hours

Kroger hours is a crucial topic for their customers as they know that they can never be treated so good by other retailer stores as they are treated by the Kroger employees with such a vast variety of amazing quality products. Kroger hours is the most asked question on the internet by the customers that what time the store opens or what time the store closes. The official opening time of the Kroger stores is 8 A in the morning every day except Sunday when the store opens at 9 AM in the morning. The closing time for the Kroger is 10 PM at night from Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday the Kroger stores closes at 9 PM at night. The Kroger stores remain open all seven days of the week.

Kroger is not just a retailer store but it is working beyond the limits and providing their customers with the facilities of fuel stations that are 1,300 in number and also operating more than 2,000 pharmacies all across United States which have a pharmacist present at all the pharmacies so people may consult to them if they want to. The timings of the Kroger pharmacy differ from the timings of the Kroger retailer stores. The Kroger pharmacy opens at 9 AM in the morning every day and closes at 9 PM at night from Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday the pharmacy closes at 7 PM at night. The pharmacy like the Kroger stores remains open for all seven days of the week so more and more people may be facilitated by Kroger’s services.

Kroger Feedback Survey

Kroger wants the satisfaction of its customers the most. They want them to come back again once they have visited their store. For this purpose they conducted a survey to gather information about what their customers have to say about their performance.

To Access the Survey:

  • You need an internet connection to access the online questionnaire.
  • You must be United States citizen and must be 18 years old or above.
  • You must have a receipt of the Kroger store.

To Attempt the Survey:

  • Go to
  • Select your respective language in which you want to access the survey.
  • Enter time and date of your visit at the Kroger store.
  • Enter the store 3 digit number.
  • Enter 1 digit Terminal Number, 2-digit Transaction Number and 1-digit Operator Number as well.
  • At the end enter Survey entry code.
  • You have now fully accessed the survey questionnaire. Answer all the questions according to your experience at the Kroger store and give your valuable feedback.

Survey Advantages

Kroger’s are already at the top of the lead not because they knew they were doing well with their developed policies but because they kept in mind that they will only be good to go when their customers are satisfied with their services. They worked hard and now they are people’s choice when it comes to shopping at a retailer store. They have worked well to gather feedbacks from their customers and not just gather it but analyze it to find out your week points and work on them to improve your quality of performance. The feedback can easily be gathered with the help of a survey being conducted among the customers of the company.

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