Visiting pharmacies, maintaining prescriptions and getting monthly medicines is a tiresome ordeal especially when we are all prone to losing prescriptions and dose details of our medicines. But now this is a hassle-free activity since Medco has launched their Generics Rx portal at to accommodate their clients in providing affordable drug costs for themselves and their families.

Joining Medco Generics Rx patient portal has numerous interesting advantages, one of which is that you will get a 90-day supply of your prescribed drug free of cost. Furthermore, you can avail a discount of $25 on all off-brand tranquilizers registered at Generics Rx.

About Medco and Generics Rx

Medco is an organization dedicating their work and authority to provide beneficial services in the field of medicine particularly emphasizing on pharmaceutical services for their clients. One of their projects Generics Rx is also based upon providing their users easily accessible, physician prescribed drugs at affordable prices to their users.

How to register your account to get Generics Rx Advantage?

Before you register for Medco Generics Rx Advantage program, ensure that you have fulfilled some pre-requisites such as you must own a health plan with a prescription ID. Then follow the step by step guidelines below to register for your account:

  1. Open the following UR; in your browser, your browser will redirect you to the official website of Medco where you will be registering for your Generics Rx Advantage.
  2. At the top of the page, you will see an option for “Sign Up”, select this option.
  3. Now on the new page enter your personal information and prescription ID card number in the empty slots.
  4. Pick a Username and Password, select a security inquiry, and after that click on the button “Register Now.”
  5. Sign into Generics Rx Advantage and this will automatically generate your Generics Rx Advantage Online
  6. You will then be able to avail all benefits offered by the Generic Rx Advantage program.

Warning: In order to avoid any fraudulent schemes or scams, do not share your username and password with anyone since Medco will not require your login credentials again.

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