Visiting a physician is one of the hardest, yet necessary, tasks of a person’s life. It is often difficult to find a physician who fits your needs, both as a patient and a person. What’s even harder is going through the hassle of paying your physician and all the medical bills associated with your visit. There are so many things one must be careful of, from the requirements of hospital/clinics to those of your insurance companies, that paying your bills is often the worst part of the whole ordeal. However, you need not fret anymore because My Medical Payments makes the process of paying your bills easier than ever before; by taking it online. Through My Medical Payments, accessed through, you can not only make secure payments, but also review your account balance and update your billing address if required.

The process to access and pay via My Medical Payments

To begin paying your medical bills through My Medical Payments, follow the procedure given below:

  1. Visit, and you will be directed to the main page.
  2. In the section “Sign In Using Your Account Number”, fill in the required information.
  3. The first field that needs to be filled is “Account Number”, which is located on your medical receipt. If you are unable to find it, click “Where is my Account Number” and you will be provided with a picture that guides you on how to locate it.
  4. Next, select how you wish to “Verify Your Identity” by choosing one of three options from the drop down menu: “Patient’s Date of Birth”, “Last 4 Digits of Patient’s Social Security Number”, and “Patient’s Phone Number”.
  5. Whichever option you have selected to verify your identity, fill in that information in the last field.
  6. Read the “Terms & Conditions” and check the box that says you have read them.
  7. Click “Sign In” to start paying your bills from the comfort of your home.

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