Going to the court is one of the most daunting tasks of adult life – you know you have truly grown up when you find yourself paying a parking ticket, or getting a marriage license. Official documents help keep order in our world; however, going to the court requires not only time, but also a great deal of patience. The Orange County Clerk hopes to make official dealings a little easier through their website My Orange Clerk, where you can find documents ranging from restraining orders to passport applications from the comfort of your own home. So, if you require a court document or want to pay a traffic ticket without going through any of the court hassle, you need not look any further than My Orange Clerk’s website at www.myorangeclerk.com.

Features of My Orange Clerk

My Orange Clerk gives you a wide range of features and services, some of which include:

  1. Traffic
    1. Traffic Ticket Options
    2. Traffic Ticket FAQs
  2. Family
    1. Family Law
    2. Child Support
    3. Restraining Orders
    4. Restraining Order FAQs
  3. Civil
    1. Civil Courts
    2. Small Claims
    3. Small Claims FAQs
    4. Evictions
    5. Foreclosure Education
  4. Criminal
    1. Criminal Court
    2. Bond Information
    3. Collections
    4. Sealing and Expungement
  5. Juvenile
    1. Juvenile Court
    2. Juvenile FAQs
    3. Juvenile Case Information
  6. Probate
    1. Probate
    2. Probate Filling Fees
    3. Wills
    4. Guardianship FAQs
  7. Mental Health
    1. Mental Health Cases
    2. Mental Illness FAQs
    3. Substance Abuse FAQs
  8. Passports
    1. Passport Applications
    2. Passport Fees
  9. Marriages
    1. Marriage Licenses
    2. Marriage License FAQs
    3. Marriage Ceremonies
    4. Domestic Partnerships

To avail these services, simply visit www.myorangeclerk.com from your browser and get everything you need within minutes.

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