My Secure Health Data provides an easy and secure access to health records to their patients and can communicate to their respective doctors and hospitals. Health is very important and it’s a gift of God, so one needs to take care of it. My Secure Health Data is an online health care where patients can create an account on their website and can have an access to their medical records without going to hospital and can deal with different health issues. By just sitting at their home patients can be connected to their respective doctors and they can help them with their problems, diet and exercises.


  1. Visit the website and click on ‘GO TO PORTAL’.
  2. Enter your username and password and click on ‘LOG IN’ if you are already registered to the portal.
  3. If you are a new user, you can simply enter your email address that you have mentioned in your medical file and click on ‘LOG IN’ to register yourself.
  4. And then you will become registered at MY SECURE HEALTH data without going through the lengthy steps and procedures and you can have an access to their portal and can view your medical record history. You can ask questions to your problems from your doctors easily through this portal and can reduce your stress related to your health issues. Doctors on this portal are always available to provide you with their efficient services because they care about their patients.

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2 comments on “How to log into My Secure Health Data Portal to access medical records

  • Worst website I have every used. Makes no sense! Unable to understand how to access information ! Is of no use whatsoever!!!!!!!!

  • First time user. Followed directions from doctor to go to your website: Log in my e-mail address, create password, and answer a security question. I followed those directions. I was informed that I should log in my name. I did that. I tried to log in and it said I had an invalid name or password. I repeated the process again & indicated I was a new used. I then received a message saying I needed to have a validation code to log in, which I was supposed to have received a notification from your office which I never received. I double checked all of my entries on name, e-mail address, password, date of birth to make sure they were correct. So if I followed all the directions I was supposed to do, and still can not proceed, what else can I do? Thank you.

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