Chances are that you or someone you know owns a Hyundai, and if not then you have at least seen a Hyundai now and then on the streets. When you think of a vehicle to buy, Hyundai is usually at the top of the list, and rightfully so, because Hyundai Motor Company, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is amongst the largest automotive companies of the world. It was founded in 1967 by Chung Ju-yung, and has since grown into a household name for cars. If the luxury and style of Hyundai vehicles is not enough, you might like the idea of being able to control everything about your new car through the internet more appealing. The services include everything from reminders for the next car service, to road tax renewal and insurance dates. Hyundai allows its customers to manage their account online; all they need to do is activate their Hyundai account at

How to Activate MyHyundai UK Account

To activate Hyundai account, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit from your browser.
  2. Enter your Email Address
  3. Choose a Password, which should include a minimum of six characters including one digit.
  4. Enter your Activation Code, which can be found inside the Hyundai owner’s Welcome Pack you received upon your purchase.
  5. Enter your Postcode.
  6. Select whether you wish to be contacted by Hyundai Motor (UK) regarding special promotions or product developments.
  7. Click on “Submit” to activate Hyundai account.

If you do not have an activation code, but still wish to have an account with Hyundai, you can register for one by following the steps below:

  1. Open the URL in your browser.
  2. Enter your details, which include your title, full name, address, postcode and vehicle registration.
  3. Click on “Submit” to create your account.

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