You can get the beautiful smile you always wanted with Lumineers® at It is the number one patient-requested veneer system in the world. Lumineers® are easy and painless to apply because of their ultra-thin texture as compared to the traditional veneers which are much thicker and therefor difficult to apply. For the same reason traditional veneers require anesthesia shots to reduce pain while Lumineers do not. Lumineers at gives the best solution for discolored or chipped teeth in just two visits. It also provides teeth whitening which lasts for a very long time period. Lumineers has a fast procedure for eliminating gaps in teeth, it also renews old dental work such as crowns, braces etc. In short, no matter what the condition of your teeth, Lumineers will insure you get a picture-perfect smile! However, they can only give the best results if applied by a signature Lumineers dentist.

How to access MyNextSmile

  • Log into
  • To find a specialized Lumineers dentist near you enter your e-mail id and zip in the top right corner of the homepage or call 888-437-7179
  • You can view the pictures of customers before and after they applied Lumineers by going to the ‘Before and After Gallery’
  • You can view the frequently asked questions and real stories of customers at the bottom of the home page.
  • For information on why to choose Lumineers click on the drop down menu on the top which says ‘WHY’. If you want information on how Lumineers work and its procedure click on ‘HOW’ and if you want to know the experiences of the customers click on ‘WHAT’

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