Your handheld devices contain your most personal information which you want to protect at any cost. So in unforeseen situations when your mobile gets snatched, stolen or it falls and breaks, T- Mobile File provide the most convenient platform to safeguard your data.  T-Mobile File’s protection plans assist you in getting your digital life up and running in no time once you have filed your claim at

How to File or Track a claim at T-Mobile File

If you are the unlucky one who has experienced any unforeseen situation with your mobile device and are worried about your lost data then T-Mobile File is your best option out of this problem. Simply follow the step by step guidelines below to file or track your claim:

  1. Open the following URL in your web browser to access the official page for T-Mobile File claim
  2. You will then redirected to the official homepage where the file and track portal window will be present towards the extreme right of the page
  3. First select whether you would enter your mobile number or serial number to file your claim by making a choice through the navigation arrow
  4. Then in the second bar below enter your 10-digit T-Mobile number or serial number respective to the option you have chosen. Then press “Submit” to complete the process of filing the claim.

At T-Mobile File you can also avail other services apart from filing and tracking the claim which include:

  • Track your deductibles by entering the manufacturer and model of your device
  • Access your coverage documents by simply entering your mobile number

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