Naval Federal Award Card is a visa debit card and it is also known as visa prepaid card and it is valid within the premises of United States and Military bases. With the help of this Naval Federal Award card you can make purchases and that amount is deducted from your account. You can simply keep the record of your remaining balance in account by just signing into Once you have loaded the funds in the account, you cannot load them later. This Visa Debit Card has a Visa logo on it just like other Visa debit cards. This card has brought convenience in the lives of the people living in US because now they don’t have to go through the long transaction processes nor they have to meet the merchants to get money for their purchases.

Steps to activate Navy Federal Award Card

  • In order to activate your award card all you need to do is to visit to and click on ‘ACTIVATE MY CARD’ on the top left corner of the home page.
  • Now you have to enter 16 digit award number that is written on your visa card and click on ‘CONTINUE’ in the box on the right bottom of the page.
  • You will be asked to enter your own 3 digit security code and expiration date and set your 4 digit pin code and this will activate your card for use.

How to register your Naval Federal Award Card

  • Visit to the home page of naval federal award card at and click on ‘SIGN IN’ right in the center of the page in a blue box.
  • Enter your 16 digit award number along with the password in the given space of Card Number. The last 6 digits of 16 digit award number is your password.
  • After entering this temporary password that was already given on the card, you will be required to enter a new password to keep the track of your balance, the transactions that you have made and all other detailed information.
  • Once you have completed all the above explained steps, you will be registered to Naval Federal Award Card.

Important points to be kept in mind

  • While registering yourself to the naval federal award card make sure that you have entered the correct name, address and contact number in order to make your online purchases.
  • If you have not entered valid address you won’t be able to make transactions.
  • In case, if your card is lost you will get complete assistance from the company and you will get a new card as well.

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