No Wi-Fi, but need Netflix? You may soon be able to view the content on Netflix offline.

If watching TV shows and movies is how you spend your leisure time, then you have obviously heard about or used Netflix sometime in your life, if not every day. Netflix is your one source for everything from movie classics to the latest episode of your favorite TV show. But how and when did it start? Netflix was founded on 29th August, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Rudolph, and has now become a multinational entertainment company.The company provides stream-able and on-demand content online, while also delivering DVDs by mail.

Netflix Offline

You may be tempted to use Netflix, if you don’t already, but before you begin your journey to binge-watching glory, you must make sure that you have a reliable internet connection or Wi-Fi access. While this may not seem like an issue to many Netflix users in developed countries, it is a real challenge for people in undeveloped or developing countries who still face issues like slow internet speeds.Which is why, Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer of Netflix, revealed to CNBC that the company is working on a feature which will allow people to watch the content on Netflix offline.

Netflix recently expanded to 13 more countries, bringing the total of its territories to 190. All of these territories and countries have varying viewing cultures,such as the “downloading culture” in many developing countries. Therefore, the offline feature would basically give the user the ability to download the content instead of streaming it, making it possible to have the content on Netflix offline. The most likely method would be a “Download” button allowing direct downloads of videos. However, the feature will be targeted at other markets first, and America is not likely to receive it first.

How to Use Netflix

Follow the steps given below to start using Netflix:

  1. Open your browser and type the address bar. Here, click “Join Free For A Month”.
  2. Choose the plan you want to use: “Basic” for $7.99, “Standard” for $9.99, or “Premium” for $11.99 monthly. There are different features for each plan, such as HD or Ultra HD, or the number of screens available to you simultaneously.
  3. Click “Continue” and provide your email address and a password to create your own account.
  4. Select a Payment Method: Credit Card, PayPal or Gift Card.
  5. Setup the Payment Method you have chosen and click “Start Membership”.

Once you have an account, you can use Netflix anywhere and anytime. You can also use it through the Netflix app, which is available on both Android and iOS. And with the proposed feature, you may soon be able to use Netflix offline.

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