Pokémon Go is a viral mobile game that has taken the whole world up by storm. Even if you haven’t played the game yourself, it is most likely that you would have heard about it in the news, social media or from your friends.Made by Niantic international this game allows players to capture Pokémon in real world locations.In less than three weeks since its release, it has managed to gain millions of dedicated fans, which can be seen from the fact that this game quickly shot to the top of the charts for Apple’s free apps and gathered at least 100,000 downloads on Google’s play store.

Like every technology has its dark side, Pokémon Go too has led to an unexpected number of side-effects and consequences in such a short time period. Since the release of Pokémon Go this month numerous users in the United States, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom have gotten into car accidents, been robbed and some of them have even lost their lives because their attention was diverted by the need to “catch em all”. Several government officials and administrations in countries where the application has been released have issued cautions about the likely health risks. Japan’s National Centre of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cyber Security released fliers with safety tips and warnings for players. Turkey’s health minister advised users against playing the game during broad daylight to prevent excessive sun exposure. In Bosnia an agency warned users about the dangers of playing the game in risky places because some players ended up at old landmines.

This application has led users to extremely strange places (Poke stops)like cemeteries;strip clubs, ponds, and even people’s houses.People have trespassed properties(Players in Northern Island had a hard time explaining the police that they weren’t breaking into someone’s house; they were only trying to catch a Pokémon), have found dead bodies, fallen into ponds and have even tried to break into zoos late at night while trying to catch a Pokémon. Some locations have proven to be quite dangerous e.g. two men fell 50ft of an ocean cliff while trying to catch a Pokémon in San Diego. In UK, four teenagers had to be rescued as they were lost in a mine for five hours.

Many incidents of robbery have been reported since this game came out because most of the people play Pokémon Go at night and the robbers hide at the different Poke stops. People have gotten into fights over catching Pokémon. In Florida, two kids were playing this game in their car while a resident shot them.  Numerous car accidents have been reported and many people have died because their card crashed into trees while they were trying to catch a Pokémon while driving. Players have faced severe injuries and mishaps because they were hit by car when they were looking for a Pokémon while crossing roads or bridges.

Summing it all up Pokémon Go has led to people becoming intolerant, obsessive and extremely irresponsible. People have become totally ignorant to their surroundings because their eyes are constantly on the screen. Their only aim is to “catch em all” even if they lose their life while finding it. Pokémon Go has some serious disadvantages which should be properly dealt with otherwise it can create some huge issues in the future.

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