Red Lobster is one of the most leading American casual dining restaurant chain and offers their customers with some of the best quality seafood that you may never have tasted before. The unique style of cooking seafood by the Red Lobster will surely make you visit again once you have visited them and tasted their foods. The seafood restaurant chain is operating its branches globally in many countries that include Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brazil, Malaysia and Brazil as well. They are operating more than 705 branches in all of these countries. This seafood chain was founded on March 22, 1968, in Lakeland, Florida, United States. The founders of the Red Lobsters are Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby. The Red Lobster headquarter is located in Orlando, Florida, United States. They offer different kinds of seafood, chicken, steak and pasta as well.

Red Lobster Hours

The Red Lobster hours of dining is a very commonly asked question by the customers to have a good meal with their customers. The official opening time for the Red Lobster restaurants is 11 AM in the morning. Mostly the restaurant closes at 10 PM at night from Sunday to Thursday and on Friday and Saturday, the restaurants close at 11 PM for the night. These are the official timings for the restaurants but the opening, and closing hours may differ from these timings based on the location of the restaurant in a specific area. The restaurants remain open all seven days of the week an constantly offer their services to their customers.

Red Lobster Survey

To gather the opinions of the customers Red Lobster survey was conducted among their customers so they may be able to figure their week points and focus on them to improve their quality of services that they are providing to their customers. To make the customers satisfy is the ultimate goal of any company and to achieve this goal it is important to keep on listening to your customers that what they have to say about your performance regarding your services.

To Access the survey questionnaire

  • You must have internet device so you may be able to access the online questionnaire of the Red Lobster.
  • You must possess the receipt of any of the Red Lobster restaurant.
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • You must be 18 years old or above to attempt the survey.

To Attempt the survey

  • Visit the link to access the survey questionnaire online.
  • Once you have found the questionnaire on the website, Enter the ID number on the screen that is printed on the restaurant receipt.
  • You have now officially accessed the survey questionnaire of the Red Lobster.
  • Answer all the questions in the questionnaire according to your experience at the Red Lobster restaurants.
  • Give your feedback at the end of the survey.


The information being gathered by the customers through a survey being conducted by them may lead to many of the advantages or any company who have taken such a step to hear their customers at such a large scale. This may lead to the identification of the company’s own week points in the eyes of their customers and this way they can work on their week spots more efficiently because when the customers take out 5-10 minutes to fill the questionnaire they make sure to tell the company all the problems they faced regarding the company’s performance and services. It helps the company in improving the quality of the services they are providing, and customers are satisfied even more because they find the services of the company according to what they demanded from them.

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