Sears is a highly renowned chain of department stores worldwide. You can buy almost anything at sears, whether you walk to the store or order online. There is good news for Sears MasterCard users as any purchase they make from it, will add up to their points through Sears Choice Rewards. From clothing, to groceries, to tools and household items one can accumulate as many points as possible by Sears Choice Rewards and can in end redeem gifts according to the points they have accumulated. Sears Choice Rewards gifts can be range from a trip to Hawaii, to airline tickets, gift cards, travel and any item you have had on your wish list.

How do I create a SearsChoiceRewards’ account?

Go to their website at and simply click the member login link to register your card then enter account number and account information. Make a user id and password and set your security question. Finally add your card options to complete your registration.

Earning rewards through Sears Cards Rewards member login is very easy and convenient; firstly you must be a Sears MasterCard holder to be able to claim rewards. Then you must have purchased some items that can give you points, each item you purchase has the reward points stated so you may know how many points you can get with the purchase. After you have made the purchase, log in to your account on sears choice rewards website and choose the gifts you want to redeem in compliance with how many points you have accumulated.

The gift options range from gifts card, land’s end, merchandise, special rewards to travel etc. Follow the instructions given after you choose a gift and complete the procedure. Finally redeem your gift as stated.

Is there anything else I need to know about Sears Choice Rewards Program?

  1. Once you are a member your points will appear on your billing statement at the end of each billing cycle.
  2. Your points are valid for three years, starting from the day you made the purchase of the specific item.
  3. Points are unlimited you can obtain as many as possible.
  4. If Sears terminate the program, you will have 90 days from the program termination date to redeem accumulated Points.
  5. If your membership is terminated, your account closed or if you decide to cancel your membership in Sears Choice Rewards, all accumulated Points will be forfeited.

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