T-Mobile is an Americas phone company which is redefining the way for consumers and businesses by providing best wireless experiences. The T-Mobile best advanced 4LTE company delivers outstanding services to more than 65.5 million costumers satisfying their quality needs. Its coverage may wireless the voice, messaging and data services capable of reaching over 308 million customers. Its headquarters is in Bellevue, Washington.

Switching to T-Mobile

T-Mobile facilitates its customer if you switch your network no need to tell to your family and friends about your new number because you’re mobile, or landline number stays with you when you come to T-Mobile. To ensure a stable transformation keep your old number and account until you get confirmation of your switching. You also have to make sure about your eligibility criteria while switching to T-Mobile.

Eligibility criteria

  • Switch to T-Mobile needs a post-paid plan.
  • A device on which T-Mobile services will be activated.
  • For device payment plan you must trade in a device associated balance.
  • All lines must be active in same T-Mobile market.

Checking for reimbursement status

You can check reimbursement status by visiting website www.switch2TMobile.com, just fill given information on the website and you can check reimbursement status. You have 60 days to submit you reimbursement from your date of activation to T-Mobile. Once you have a complete submission to T-Mobile, you can expect to receive reimbursement within 8 weeks.

  • You make sure to submit your final bill with each Early Transmission Fee (ETF). Do not submit a summary of your Early Transmission Fee because it will not be accepted.
  • There will be some line without Early Transmission Fee; please do not submit the request for these line only submit the request for those lines that are associated to Early Transmission Fee.
  • Please match the phone number with correct Early Transmission Fee.

Checking reimbursement status cannot be faster than 8 weeks because switching to T-Mobile needs some verification from the security point of view.

For checking reimbursement status, you will have to click on check status on the website then fill the form which needs your name, zip code, address, etc.

You can check status reimbursement plan up to 14days.

Advantages to switching over T-Mobile

It includes many exciting offers:

  • Get 3 lines for $40 per line than the 4th line is free for you up to 6GB LTE.
  • It provides music freedom; data charges do not apply you just have to choose your plan.
  • Provides carrier freedom
  • Switching to T-Mobile is free from any other network they do not charge that’s why people switch more to T-Mobile.
  • It is also helpful in career building because it involves much new technology everything easy and access able to T-Mobile.
  • You get monthly $10 discount when you add your tablet or landline.
  • It makes easier choosing your plan different plans are given you have to select one with your compatibility
  • T-Mobile is giving you warm thank at every Tuesday with free stuff and epic prizes.


T-Mobile is America’s mobile company providing you wireless network with many exciting offers your switching fee is not charged you just have to choose your plan and give information about bills and early termination fee you can check your reimbursement status while visiting www.switch2t-mobile.com it takes 8 weeks to switching to T-Mobile.

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