Xifinity from Comcast render TV, high speed internet, home security services and phone services. It provides you the fastest more reliable and most joyful experience. It is the most complete way to get all entertaining channels on your screen. You can watch and record up to six shows at once in Xfinity TV. You can also watch Xfinity TV online by visiting tvgo.xfinity.com.

How to watch Xfinity TV online streaming:

To watch Xfinity TV online following steps are necessary to follow:

  • First go to the given link http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch-live-tv then select the option from the first bar where you want to jump: news, entertainment, etc.
  • After selecting your desired category select the channel in the bottom right corner there is an option watch if you point your cursor over channel.
  • If you are not subscribed than you have to sign in first to watch desired channel.
  • Just write your username and password and log in to watch and enjoy!

How to have access Xfinity TV online:

Users are required to pursue following steps to get Xfinity TV online streaming:

  • Please go to login page of Xfinity then https://login.comcast.net/ there is an option to create username click on that blue link in the bottom left corner below “need access” than choose your verification method.
  • Complete a security check by typing moving words or you can toggle to audio video challenge if you are unable to complete visual challenge.
  • Click continue and give your mobile number or any verification you selected
  • Click continue and follow the steps which they are guiding you to create user id.

How to access username or password if you forgot:

If you are unable to remember your username or password than:

  • Go to same sign in page https://login.comcast.net
  • Click forgot username of password.
  • If you forgot your password type user name than you have to set new password.
  • If you forgot your username than click to forgot username?
  • Please choose your verification method and continue.
  • Than set your password and username you will receive a message on your mobile or any verification method you selected.

More ways to access Xfinity TV online:

You can watch Xfinity on demand as well or you can download your app in your mobile to watch Xfinity TV online. After opening app a page will be displayed to enter username and password.

  • After downloading app open app in your device.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Then select channel to watch.
  • You can download or stream record on your device as well
  • To download:
  • Open app select recent or recordings from the saved menu.
  • Select program you like to download.
  • Select take to go to download and watch it anywhere any time.
  • To stream:
  • Open app select recording from menu select the program you like to stream.
  • Select watch to stream the recording to your device.

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