One of the well-established consumer and commercial banking systems currently operating in the USA is “Chase” under the ownership of JPMorgan Chase.  It was officially launched in 2000 and has immensely grown in the last 16 years and now caters to half of the American population by providing their financial services.

If you have submitted the application of Chase Credit Card and haven’t verified or activated it online then you must verify it as soon as possible at  Once you have activated you Chase Credit Card, you can retrieve your account online anywhere where there is an internet access and make payments or transactions online since managing accounts, making payments and checking billing details is so much more convenient online then visiting the banks every now and then.

Guide to verify and activate you Chase Credit Card

In order to verify your Chase Credit Card, you must have the following requirements fulfilled:

  • Have a computer or a mobile device with an Internet access
  • Must know  your Chase user ID and password (If you don’t have an online account, you should create one first at

Once you have fulfilled the above requirements then simply follow the guidelines below for verification and activation of your Chase Credit Card:

  1. Visit the following URL in your web browser
  2. You will be redirected directly to the Chase Credit Card Login portal page
  • Enter your User ID and password in the portal window at right hand side of the page and press “Log In to Accounts” button
  1. Choose the type of card you want to activate and verify the receipt of your card
  2. Complete the process and log out
  3. Once the verification has successfully been done, you can view your transactions and make payments.

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