Verizon is one of the largest communication companies in the world. They design powerful technology from 4G wireless to FiOS internet.  To provide wireless internet, home phone, TV internet etc. is a part of their services. The company is providing backup plans so they can save time and avoid inconvenience of their customers. Verizon Wireless Backup Assistance at provide facility for their customer which saves a copy of customer’s address book to immune website, if you lost your device or planned to change your contacts would be copied to other device automatically, you can access your contacts anytime from that website. You can also making editing to your contacts and get the access of edit copy in your device in one click.

How to use Verizon Wireless Backup Assistance:

To use back up assistance follow these steps:

  • Step 1:- checking compatibility:

First, verify your device is compatible for backup assistance or not, if you have back up app installed in it than it is compatible is it is not installed you install it by visiting your app store. If the Verizon cloud comes in search than your device is compatible with our backup cloud.

  • Step 2:- downloading app:

Open the app store from your device and type in search bar Verizon Wireless Back Up Assistance than if the application appears there after searching download it.

  • Step 3:- performing back up:

Open back up app and select the option “backup now” and it will starting backup your all contacts after maintaining backup it will show notification that your data has been backed up. This was manual backup but if you want schedule back up than select options, than schedule or for some devices select recurring sync, than choose time for backup. Now your backup will be updated of your selected schedule daily.

Step 4:- restore contacts:

After switching to new devices, you have to back up your contacts to restore them by opening your application and entering PIN when required than click OK or Restore.

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