It’s not that difficult for the Cardholders of Walmart Credit Card to log into their account to get started with the online services offered by the American multinational retail corporation. Walmart Credit Cardholders can pay bills online, review credit history, update contact details, and update security settings.

About Walmart Credit Card
Walmart Credit Card

For many of your household items and groceries, Walmart provides one of the best platforms to have your purchases. Walmart is the international leading chain of stores. If you spend a lot of money on a regular basis to do shopping from Walmart stores, a credit card is finally here to have this awesome experience. Walmart is offering two types of cards; one is Walmart store card, and the other is Walmart MasterCard. Just for Walmart purchases, Walmart store card is the most feasible one, but wherever Mast cards are accepted, one can use the Master Card. Master card is also linked with the cash back program.

There is not any annual fee for any of the Walmart credit card. In-store financing is one of the plus points that users of this credit card gets at large purchases. Interest-free grace period can be availed, but it totally depends on the amount you have spent on purchases. Have you ever heard of cash back service provided to customers on all the purchases? By using Walmart credit card, you enjoy 1% cash back service to all of your purchases. Walmart credit card is far better than Walmart store card because you can use Walmart Master card at all the stores wherever master card is accepted.

How to Walmart Credit Card Login
Walmart Credit Card Login

  • Visit the login homepage of Walmart.
  • If you are in possession of online account and have the credit card, you can manage all of your stuff just by getting logged in.
  • User ID box will ask you to enter the Username ID. “Remember me” provides you an option if you want your computer to save the username.
  • After you are done with this, click on “Sign now”.
  • “Lookup user ID” is something everyone wants to have this option because if you have forgotten the username ID, click on it to start the retrieval process. The following information is supposed to be entered for this purpose:
    – Account number present on the credit card.
    – Primary card holder has the specified number and enter last 4 digits
    – After clicking on “Next”, retrieval process will begin.
  • If you want to use all this on your android phone and manage your online account, you need to download the app and enter the details like Username ID, etc. to make your access possible.

How to Activation / Registration Walmart Credit Card

To either activate or register your account to be used online, you have got the two options. First one is to call on the number provided 1-877-969-9020. Second method is to complete the online process. If you are having an online account already for any other Walmart finances, left side of the page has the box to enter your User ID. After entering, click on orange colored login button. In case, you don’t have any previous online access, “Register and activate” option is going to help you for sure. You will be directed to the next page. Enter the account number of your card and click the “Next” button. You are good to go!

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