If you are an employee at Walmart then you are one of those lucky individuals who get to enjoy and avail the best of the employee benefits that a company has to offer. Walmart launched its portal by the name of WalmartOne as an online employee-benefits information centre which provides a platform for employees at Walmart to understand their benefits, future prospects and family incentives in a more convenient way. Walmart workers can view their schedules, keep a check on their benefits and connects with their peers, all at one portal that is WalmartOne.

About Walmart

Walmart, founded in 1962, is an international US-based retail-store organization, including hypermarkets, discount stores and grocery stores. It’s a mass merchandiser, offering a wide assortment of goods with a little more focus on discounted prices rather than services thus, providing you with the best shopping experience every single time.

Step by Step Guide to access WalmartOne

If you are an employee at Walmart then you must start using the WalmartOne portal to ease up your work schedule as well as avail various employee benefits. Simply follow the guidelines below:

  1. Visit the following link http://www.walmartone.com/ in your web browser to access the official page for WalmartOne.
  2. If you haven’t registered before or are a first time user then you need to sign up.
  3. Click on the “login” button at the top right corner of the page. You’ll then be directed to the login page. Click on the “register” given below the WalmartOne login portal.
  4. The registration page will now open up.
  5. You’ll be asked to provide your Walmart Identification Number (WIN), your date of birth, the date you were hired and your email address and then click on the “go” button.
  6. You’ll further be instructed to create your own user id and set your password;
  7. Now you can easily login every time you access the home page, just by providing your ID and password and manage your account as you wish.

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