Amazon Instant Video at streams over 90,000 movies and TV shows which you can enjoy on your TV or video devices. To watch your favorite programs and shows, register your devices with Amazon Instant Video at right now.

Amazon is a global electronic giant in the U.S. which was initially a bookstore in 1994. Since then, the corporation has expanded significantly and sells books, magazines, electronics, computers, apparel and more. It also creates and develops its own products like Kindle Fire.

How to Register Your Compatible TV or Device to Watch Amazon Instant Video

To watch Amazon Instant Video on your compatible TV or video device, you must register the device as it also enables you to make online purchases. To access the videos, make sure you have your device connected to the Internet after getting it registered. Refer to this link:

To register your device, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account or register one if you are a first time user
  2. Go to and enter your email address. If you are a new customer, click the first round button and then click “Sign in using your email address” to register. If you have an account, simply provide your account password to register your TV or device
  3. Enter all the required information such as your name, mobile phone(optional) and your password. Click “Create account” when you’re done

After you have logged in or finished creating your account, you can begin registering your device.

  1. Enter the 5-character code on your devices and click “Continue”. The code can be found through the Amazon Instant Video app, channel or widget from your device. Select “Register Your Device” and receive the auto-generated code
  2. Read and accept the Terms of Use. Click “Continue” to proceed
  3. Enable the 1-Click Payment Settings which allows you to easily purchase or rent Amazon Instant Videos in the future. Follow the given instructions to choose a payment method and choose the corresponding billing address
  4. Create a 5-digit purchase PIN and click “Save Your PIN”. The PIN can be viewed or edited later on

Through Amazon Prime, you can get free two-day shipping, borrow an e-book for free and stream unlimited movies and videos through Amazon Instant Video.

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