With the AnyWho Reverse Lookup service, you can find any person even if all you have is their phone number at www.anywho.com/rl. If you have the name or the location of the people you are looking for, you can try the AnyWho white pages people search.

AnyWho.com is an online telephone directory, owned and founded by AT&T Corporation and became a subsidiary of The New AT&T in November 2005. The site at the URL www.anywho.com/rl  mainly provides local search products and services. You can look up a person by name or phone number, businesses by name or category as well as locations within any area or ZIP code.

Guidelines on Using the AnyWho Reverse Lookup Service

With the AnyWho Reverse Lookup Service, all you have to do is visit www.anywho.com/rl and provide a phone number and look up who it is registered to. You can also look up the identity of an unknown number in case you have missed an incoming call from it and wish to call back. Simply perform a white pages reverse lookup search by entering the phone number into the search box. If a match is found, you will be able to view the registrant’s first and last name and their mailing address. To perform a reverse phone lookup for a business phone number, visit YP.com and check out Reverse Lookup.

To lookup a person through the AnyWho Reverse Lookup service, you need their landline number. You cannot use a cell phone number to look up a person.

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