Are you an AT&T customer and are looking for rewards? Then you do not have to look around anymore. The AT&T Reward Center is giving away many rewards and gifts to their customers. If you are an AT&T customer, then you claim the rewards. These rewards contain many types of gifts and offers. The method of getting your hands on the rewards is very easy and is explained below.

AT&T Reward Center is offering online visa cards. They are also rewarding their customers with cash. Along with cash customers are also receiving credit and checks. The purpose of these is that they can purchase easily form AT&T. These can also be cashed from the website of AT&T. More information is available on the web page

About AT&T

AT&T is a multinational telecommunications company. AT&T is the largest provider of the fixed telephone in the U.S and the second largest provider of the mobile telephone. AT&T is an American company, and it is the third-largest company in Texas.

Requirements to claim your AT&T Reward

The requirements that are required to claim the reward from AT&T RewardCenter are given below.

  • You must have a stable internet connection and a device such as a laptop or a cell phone to access the web page.
  • You must be a customer of AT&T. You must have purchased a product of AT&T.
  • You must activate the services and use the services for Thirty Days.

How to claim your reward from AT&T Reward Center

To claim a reward from AT&T RewardCenter just follow the points given below.

  • Open the web page
  • You will have to enter the Account Number of your AT&T Account.
  • Enter, the area, zip code and specify the reward of your choice.
  • Provide the contact information and submit all the information. You will receive the confirmation of your reward card in the time duration of four to six weeks.
  • You will have to activate your card through the pin and card number.

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3 comments on “How to claim your rewards from AT&T Reward Center

  • I got Direct Tv from ya’ll and the salesman said I was suppose to get a $200.00 rewards card that was in March. I applied in March for the reward and never recevied it. It was in the process for sending and not a thing Acct 142358843. Thank you

  • I called reward and they told me I did not have an account. when one talks to machine one gets NO where! If I do not have an an account why do I get billed? Seems that one is not a company that keeps their word and like other one gets lost in shuffle.Called waited 35 minutes to get a one does not have an account!

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