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It’s very tough choice when it comes to shopping for electronic products. You have to think a thousand times, not for buying a particular electronic device, but to think where to buy it from. It is very common these days that second hand used electronic devices are packed beautifully with a seal and are sold at the stores at the price of the new items pretending that these are new items. This way it is very hard to trust people around you and to buy stuff from others. Where many are deceiving their customers there are few who are actually honest with their work and focus on conveying their best to their customers without any complaint. Best Buy is one of the few who seemed to manage to make a mark in providing a good and satisfying service for their customers.


Best Buy aka Sound of Music (old name) was founded in 1966 by Richard M.Schulze. The headquarters of Best Buy is situated in Richfield, Minnesota, United Sates. According to analysis, Best Buy is operating 1400 branches worldwide. Best Buy is running one of the most success business all across the world because it is providing its customer with quality service and the trust that people want when we talk about shopping for technology products because most of the devices are so expensive that we cannot trust everyone with it.

Products Best Buy provides

Best Buy yet so far has developed such a trust among its customers that people know buying things from here will never be a bad choice. Best Buy not only provides services for their stores on the landscape rather they are serving many people via online websites and their applications where people can buy things through the internet by staying at home. Some of the best products loved by the Best Buy customers include:

  • The mobile phones that are present at the Best Buy stores came always straight from original companies with respective warranties. So this leaves with no chance of any technical fault with it.
  • One of the products that are sold the most is digital Cameras. People prefer buying cameras from here rather than small stores where there is a chance of fraud.
  • Best Buy offers the best quality of home appliances including Washing Machines, microwaves, and refrigerators etc. Most of the people trust Best Buy for buying these stuff as well.
  • When it comes to children and teenagers there are a variety of latest video games which are sometimes found only at Best Buy stores. This product is as well one of the most sold products in the store.

BestBuyCares – Best Buy Survey

Best Buy keeps a check on the views of their customers about them and likes to keep a record of it as well. For this reason they conducted a survey to analyze what exactly are the views of its customers about the services that the best buy stores are providing all over the world, details of which are as following:

To access the Best Buy Survey

  • You need an internet device to get access to the online survey.
  • Your shopping receipt which contains 3 codes categorized as group A, group B, and Group C.

To attempt the survey at

  • Go to
  • Enter all three 16-17 digit code on the space given as per group written on your receipt.
  • Start answering the questions and complete your survey.


The survey that the Best Buy® Cares conducted helps in knowing about their week points and focusing on them to try avoiding the negative areas of their services as well as helps in getting a know that how well they are performing among the other companies and how could they improve themselves. However, the main priority of Best Buy is to satisfy their customers and this can be done by listening to what their customers have to say about them.

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