A driving license is a permission that the local government provides to the drivers to make sure people who are driving out on the roads don’t risk injuring neither themselves nor the people around them. Do you have command over your driving skills and want to pursue driving legally? Do you want to test your skills as a driver to get a license? Then you must visit the site www.direct.gov.uk/drivingtest for DSA Practical Driving Test. This article will provide you step by step instructions on how you can apply for DSA Practical Driving Test and drive legally on the roads.

How to apply for DSA Practical Driving Test and License

For those interested in applying for their driving license, needs to follow the bellow mentioned instructions.

  • Open the following link in your browser www.direct.gov.uk/drivingtest, your browser will redirect you to the official website of the government.
  • On this page, you will see a heading “Get a Provisional Driving License”, below the heading will be various options.
  • From there select “Apply for your first provisional driving license”.
  • On the next page, you will see “Start Now” in the green box.
  • Drag the cursor there and select the option.
  • In the event that you are a new user, please select the “Register” beneath.
  • The system will ensure that the source you are using is legit, select “NEXT” highlighted in red to continue with the procedure.
  • An application will then open where you are required to enter “Title Name” “Forename” “Surname” “Gender” “Date of birth” and “Country of Birth”.
  • Once you have provided the above-mentioned details press “NEXT” highlighted in red.
  • The system will process the information and will provide you a date, time and the location of your DSA Practical Driving Test center.

On the off chance that you have overlooked your Government Gateway User ID and password please select the ‘Re-register’ link .The system will guide you through a procedure and you will be re-registered in no time for your DSA Practical Driving Test.

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