Having problems with your credit card regarding the cost of bad credit or low credit score? Then the solution to your problem is Merrick Bank’s Double Your Line Visa Credit Card with a $550 credit line. The Merrick Bank cares about people and wants to facilitate people with bad credit history.  People who receive their offer in the mail can accept that offer in order to get the Double Your Line Visa Credit Card.

About Merrick Bank

Merrick Bank is a UK based bank founded in the year 1997. It specializes in visa cards and master cards. It has more than 1.5 million cardholders.

Benefits for DYL Visa Cardholders

If you are Double Your Line (DYL) Visa Credit Cardholder then you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Customers can double their credit line i.e. they can double it from $550 to $1,100. To avail this benefit, the customers only have to make a minimum payment monthly and on time for the first seven months since their account have been opened. After that, the customer can double their credit line.
  • Customers don’t have to pay any over the limit fees.
  • If the customers choose paperless statements, then they can view their FICO score free of cost. This service helps you to keep track of your credit score.
  • Customers get competitive rates.
  • Users get online access to track their payments and $0 fraud liability protection.
  • Users get access to their customer service 24/7 at their toll-free number if they face any issue.

How to get the DYL Visa Credit Card application offer guide

Check your mail right now. If you have received your Double Your Line credit offer then to accept and log in, visit www.doubleyourline.com.

Now, how can you get the invitation?  To receive the invitation, you simply have to pay your bill on time.  When you continue to make the payments on time, your account is reviewed for a credit line increase. When you make payments for the first seven months on time, your credit line is doubled automatically. Once you are selected, you will receive a bill notifying with your new credit line.

What to do when you receive an invitation?

If you receive an invitation through the mail from Merrick Bank, then you have to complete the quick and easy application for the card.  All you need is the acceptance certificate number and the last name from the double your line acceptance letter. You will also be asked to provide some personal information too. Fill in all the required details and click next. Follow the instructions and apply. This process is very simple and easy to use. It takes only three to four minutes to complete.

You have to pay an annual fee of $48 and a onetime setup fee of $75. There is an additional fee of $12 per additional card issued, and the late payment fee is $35 which is only applied when you fail to pay the minimum payment on time.

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