Is your friend, relative or a family member tackling a crisis? Are you stressing about what you can do for them apart from the constant love and support? All your problems are now solved with GiveForward online. Founded in 2008 at Illinois, Chicago; Give Forward is an online website that helps people raise money for their loved ones or those in need.

Why Give Forward Online?

The reason GiveForward online is different from the other fundraising websites is that it empowers people to build a community and take action when it’s needed. With Give Forward you can do the following:

  • Send a thinking of you: Thinking of you is words of encouragement or support that you can send to your loved ones by clicking a button.
  • Give a meal: You can organize meal deliveries, set preferences and note dietary restrictions for the ones in need.
  • Share a wish list: You can send helpful items for the families or households in distress.
  • Start a fundraiser: You can start a group and receive financial support for your friends or loved ones.

GiveForward Online Fundraising To Help With Medical Bills Instructions:

Sometimes when your friend or family member falls sick, and he/she can’t cover their medical expenses with their insurance; Give Forward helps you raise online funds so that you can relieve their financial burden by paying their medical bills. The procedure for fundraising is described below in a few steps:

  • Create a Give Forward account:
  • Go to from your web-browser and enter your name, email add and password in the required fields and click the green button which says “Create my account”
  • Create a page: This page should have creative and eye-catching content so that you can draw the viewer’s attention. You should provide accurate information about why you want to collect money, and you can also post videos or photos that might help.
  • Go to from your web browser. Follow all the instructions carefully to create a page.
  • Spread the word: You should start the fundraising from a small scale i.e. your friends and family and then all together these people can promote your page via Facebook, email or other social apps.
  • Receive funds: At the end of your fund-raise Give Forward will process all the details and send you the money via check or PayPal. An important point is that Give Forward will take 7% of the entire donation collected as processing fees.

Login Procedure For Give Forward Online Account

You need to login if you want to benefit from services. The login steps are described below:

  • Go to from your web browser.
  • On the top right of the page you will see a green “Sign In” button. Click that, enter all your required details and click “login”
  • You can also sign in via Facebook.

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