Goodwill Hours of Operation – What time does Goodwill open? What time does Goodwill close? How to Participate in Goodwill Customer Satisfaction Survey to win gift cards?

Goodwill is a non-profitable retailer store that is providing its unique services to their customers in many different ways including offering unemployed people with jobs and offering people with clothes, shoes, house wares, electronic items and many other products. They satisfy their customers with providing them best of their services and working with full inspiration and moving forward day by day and achieving success. All customers have to do is keep a track of Goodwill hours to avail a chance of being served by them. You will surely find some amazing quality products here that can’t be found at other retailer stores and even if you manage to find them at another store, they may have a huge difference in the quality of the products that can be easily noticed by anyone.


The best part about the Goodwill is that they care about people that are why they offer jobs to those people who are unemployed and have no job experience or are not qualified as well. Goodwill was founded in 1902 almost about more than 110 years ago from now on. The founder of Goodwill is Reverend Edgar J. Helms, and the organization was founded at Boston, Massachusetts. Goodwill is a non-profitable retailer store that is why it is a priority of many people when it comes to having a good shopping at a good and affordable price. Nowadays, it is very difficult to save money and to spend it in the right place and the right thing, so Goodwill gives you a perfect opportunity to have whatever you wish for yourself while saving money as well. They not only are serving their customers through their retailer stores on the land escape but also through their online websites and by shipping order of people at their homes. Goodwill is serving globally in 17 countries and offering their services at their peaks of satisfaction.

Products Goodwill offer

Goodwill stores offer many kinds of products for their customers that are of amazing quality and at affordable prices. If you really want to shop in limited money and have all the products you need as well, you just need to be familiar with the Goodwill hours of serving their customers so that you may always find the Goodwill doors open for you. Some of the categories of products they offer are mentioned as following:

  • A very vast variety of good quality clothes is present at the Goodwill stores. You may want to visit it if you are looking for some cheap and latest designs of clothes. Goodwill facilitates all women, men, and children clothing at their stores.
  • There is always a separate section for electronic and machinery items at all the branches of Goodwill no matter in which country and branch you are visiting. You will always find all the machines that you may require for your kitchen, cleaning, gardening and stuff.
  • All the stores of the Goodwill also contain a variety of Art and Craft stuff at their stores for art lovers, interior designers, artists, painters, etc. people love to buy art and craft products from here because they cost so less.
  • Women will go crazy if they check the amazing collection of jewelry Goodwill stores have. Many of the women prefer to buy jewelry at the Goodwill stores who live near them because they know that they will always find good quality jewelry at very low prices.
  • Apart from clothes, jewelry, and electronic stuff, etc. Goodwill provides their customers with all the sports goods they will ever wish of. There are very fewer retailer shops that provide people with sports goods, but you will always find sports goods at very large scale in Goodwill stores.

Goodwill Hours of Operation

Goodwill keeps a special check on the needs of their customers and keeps on expanding their stocks at their stores so more and more people can visit them have found easily what they wish to buy instead of searching for special things all over town and wasting a lot of time as well. One of the reasons for their success is that they provide a vast variety of multiple category items at their stores, so people find it more convenient to visit their store and buy all the stuff they need at only one place not forgetting the Goodwill hours of operation. The official opening time for the Goodwill stores is 9 AM in the morning which is the opening time of most of the retailer stores almost all over the world but at Sunday the stores open at 10 AM because people wake up late in the morning on the holiday. The closing time for the stores is 9 p.m. and on Sunday 8 PM. The store remains open all seven days of the week.

Goodwill Survey

Many successful companies have reached a higher level than other by the help of their customers. They know that they are nothing if their customers develop bad views about them so satisfying them is the only aim a successful company has to achieve at any cost. This is only possible if you reach out to your customers and hear them out that what they want to say to you and its better if it is a complaint about you. Goodwill, trying to reach out their customers, conducted a survey among them, the details of which are as following.

To Access the Survey:

  • You must have an internet device to access the online survey questionnaire of the Goodwill.
  • You must be a legal resident of Indiana or regular customers of the central Indiana.
  • You must be 18 years old or above to attempt the survey of Goodwill.
  • You must have a receipt from the Goodwill store to attempt the survey.

To Attempt the Survey:

  • Go to the link to attempt the survey.
  • Provide all the personal information correctly that has been asked by the Goodwill at the beginning of the survey.
  • Answer all the survey questions at the middle of the survey part according to your experience at the Goodwill store.
  • Add your personal feedback at the end of the survey.


If your customers are answering you when you are reaching out to them in a survey it is very important to check what they say about your performance and services. It is not bad if they give you negative feedback about your services but it is good in a sense that you get chances to improve your quality of work according to the way your customers want you to work and create a better impression of yourself in their eyes next time when they visit you. To hear them you need to reach out to them and a survey is the best way to reach out to them.

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