If you need products and services to keep the facilities of your business or institution in perfect condition and to keep your employees safe, then you have come to the right place. Grainger is North America’s leading provider of maintenance, repair and operating (also known as MRO) products which are not only cheap and inexpensive but also save a lot of time.

W.W.Grainger, Grainger Inc is a Fortune 500 industrial supply company which specializes in the provision of a wide variety of maintenance products such as motors, lighting, material handling, fasteners, plumbing, tools, and safety supplies. One of the unique features of this industrial supply company is that they have an extensive, on-site U.S. based Technical Product Support for all their products at www.grainger.com.

Grainger Online Purchasing Solutions – A Detailed Guide

Grainger makes online ordering a breeze with their three online purchasing solutions; Grainger.com, Grainger Procurement Solutions and eProcurement at their webpage www.grainger.com.

AT Grainger.com, you can browse for products by keyword, item number, product category, and manufacturer and so on, compare products, view your item and order history and create customized lists. In order to manage your department’s spent and ordering, you can get help from Grainger Procurement Solutions (GPS) at Grainger.com. With GPS you can control cost, avoid paper requisitions and save time spent tracking down approvals. You can also access a suite of online ordering solutions with eProcurement at www.grainger.com.

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