Travelers often travel around the world to explore different areas of this Earth to amuse themselves. They want to experience all the good stuff that God has made for them to enjoy in this world. For this reason, many people travel from country to country to witness the beauty of that particular country and what man has done to make it more attractive. While people travel, of course, they need a place to live temporary without any kind of difficulty and a place which can be called the alternative of their home. People, in this case, look for the resorts and hotels to stay there while they are away from their homes. There are many organizations that are working to comfort the guests from faraway places so that they won’t feel any difficulty on their journey. Hilton hotels and resort is a perfect luxury place for the customer’s guests to enjoy their journey with the feeling of being at home.


Hilton is an American hospitality company which has spread its services worldwide. This hotel and resort chain all over the world has managed to gain the full trust of their guests who had visited any of their branches once. People always want to stay in the Hilton hotels or resorts if they are away from their homes and have to select a hotel in the town to spend some of their time there. Hilton chain was founded by the Conrad Hilton in 1919 at Cisco, Texas, United States. They have managed to open their branches in 100 countries around the world. The Hilton headquarter located in Tysons Corner, Virginia, United States. They are successfully managing more than 4,610 hotels and resorts all around the world with a total of 758,502 rooms in all of their hotels and resorts. On December 12, 2013, Hilton managed to become a public sector company. The Hilton hotel and resort chain are running a successful business as according to 2013 analyzes it showed that the company had 8.0 billion dollar revenue. Hilton also cares about their employees as more than 313,000 number of employees and franchise employees work in their organization.

Hilton Team Member Travel Program

People who are a regular part of the Hilton can avail many Hilton employee benefits from this particular organization. As one of the most amazing benefit that the Hilton Company employees can get from their working place is the Hilton team member travel program services. With these specific services that Hilton is providing, employees of the Hilton Company can plan a beautiful trip for themselves with their families. They can stay at any of the Hilton hotels or resorts at any corner of the world with some amazing discount rates.

If you are a Hilton employee, and you want to avail Hilton employee benefits through the Hilton TMTP (Team Member Travel Program), then you will have to consider the following eligibility criteria and steps to access the online way to get register for the Hilton TMTP. 

To Access Hilton TMTP online and eligibility criteria

  • You need to possess an internet device to access the online form to fill in your requirements to avail Hilton TMTP.
  • You must be a regular employee of the Hilton Company. You may be a full-time employee of this company, or you can also be a part-time employee of this company.
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bahamas, or the Dominican Republic.
  • You must take this Hilton TMTP for vacation purposes only. Any other purpose will not be allowed to the Hilton Company.

Step by Step Procedure to access the Hilton TMTP to receive accommodation

  • Visit the web link This web link will directly lead you to the Hilton team member travel program online website where you can get yourself registered and verified and later can avail their travel services.
  • Once you have accessed the link mentioned above, you must click on the “BEGIN” button.
  • You will be going through 5 steps for the registration. These steps and their explanations are as followings:
  1. Confirm your work location.

You must verify your work location in order to avail the Hilton traveling services. The information that you are submitting must be valid. You can also save your location once you have entered it.

  1. Search for available hotels.

You can search for the desired hotel at your desired location in any of the Hilton hotel or resort. You can pick any place of your own choice. As traveling trips are meant to memorable so you can pick any of the 100 countries where you wish to explore. Your reservation must be 14 days before your date of arrival at the Conrad hotel or resort. Your reservation must be 7 days before your date of arrival at the Hilton, Homewood Suites by Hilton & Home2. Your reservation must be 3 days before your date of arrival at Embassy Suits. Your reservation must be up to the day of arrival at Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Resorts, Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton, and Hilton Garden Inn hotels

  1. Choose the hotel that is right for you.

In the third step, it is your own choice what branch of Hilton hotels and resorts you should pick. You can also pick the room of your own choice and of any type and brand. You should also keep in mind that the discounted rates of the room vary from the type of room and the branch that you picked to visit any of the Hilton hotel or resort.

  1. Reserve your room.

In this fourth step after confirming which room you want to pick and after picking your desired room you must give some of your personal information to get your room reserved for you. This will also require to enter your credit card number. You must make all kinds of reservations online that include reserving the Hilton Hotel or resort rooms.

  1. Secure your passport.

This is the final step that will provide the employees with the travel passport or Hilton Family travel passport. You just have to take all of your reservation information with the confirmation number to the Human resource department so that you may get your passport, either the travel passport or the Hilton family travel passport.

  • Once you have cleared all the 5 steps, you will officially be eligible to take your trip as you planned.
  • If you are planning to visit the Hilton hotel or resort, you must have your own passport with you. It is very necessary to have your passport with you as no photocopies will be accepted.

Cancelation of the reservations

If there are any changes in the travel program, they can be accommodated online. If you want to cancel your trip, you can cancel it online as well. It is very important to cancel your trip online if you don’t plan on visiting the particular Hilton hotel or resort. Because if you don’t cancel your trip through online process and you do not arrive at the hotel or resort on the time you were supposed to, you will be charged with extra charges and neither will you be able to get your deposit back that you give for the reservation of the hotel or resort room. No employee will be entertained with any of the services if you are trapped in such a case. If in any case you want to cancel your reservation you can cancel by following these simple steps.

  • Visit the web link This web link will directly lead you to the Hilton team member travel program online website where you can find many options home, program guides, rates, existing reservation, etc.
  • As you want to cancel the existing reservation, you must go for the option “existing reservation” on the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  • Once you have accessed the “existing reservation” option, you need to enter confirmation number in the space given to you in the first box.
  • After entering the valid confirmation number, you need to enter the last name or last four digits of your credit card to confirm your reservation.
  • You must be asked different questions once entered the right answers you will be able to cancel your reservation.

If you want to check your reservation you must:

  • Visit the web link Visit the web link
  • You must go for the option that says “Existing reservation.”
  • Once you have accessed this web link, you will find options on the right side of the page which will help you in accessing your reservation details.
  • You must enter your User name of HHonors number.
  • Next you must enter the password you set while making the reservation.
  • Once you have entered the valid information, you will be able to check all your reservations you made.

You will enjoy the trip because of such low Hilton TMTP employee rates for traveling, so there is no need for canceling the reservation unless it is very important to do so for some very severe reason. If we compare the amount paid by the employees as discounts and the real amount paid by regular customers we come to know that the employees enjoy the huge and significant discount.

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