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Having a sweet home with a cheerful family is a blessing. A particular house and people living in the house require many things that would make up a better living. This involves shopping of different necessary items daily, and this includes everything including grocery, clothes, shoes, televisions, refrigerators, make up things, kitchen tools and much more other stuff that is needed by a family living in a house. It is found out that most of the people at weekends go for shopping with their families and want to buy different things according to their needs. People again want everything to be present at a single store so they may find things of their need in less time rather than traveling half day across the town and searching for what they want. This gap has been recognized by the Target stores and was successfully serving people across the United States and providing each of the customers need to a single warehouse.


The target was found on 1st May, 1962by John F.Geisse with following the concept of upscale discount retailing. Target up till now is successful in acquiring more than 1805 stores in the United States. Target launched its first Canadian store March 2013, and by January 2015, it had almost 133 branches all across Canada. Target faced many issues in their Canadian stores regarding their lack of keeping a record of the items being sold at their stores. The mismanagement of keeping a track of goods in their warehouses and their stores lead them to a total failure, and they announced bankruptcy in January 2015. They closed all 133 branches in Canada after bankruptcy.

Products Target sell

Apart from their performance due to the mismanagement in Canada, they are doing an excellent job in the United States. They are providing their customers with all the necessary items they need under one roof. Some of their main products they used to sell in Canada and are selling in their United Stated stores (Not forgetting that they are providing home delivery services all across the world for shipping and by taking online orders) include:

  • Target stores are offering clothes of men, women and children as well. They provide with all types of clothes including four season clothing stuff and almost a unique style and hundreds of variety that everyone will find something of their choice at the Target.
  • Their stores always contain separate corners for baby’s accessories with a full range of different types of toys for kids of all ages.
  • If you are looking for furniture then you know you can also find good quality furniture here with latest designs.
  • You will find a vast range of video games at Target stores for teenagers as well.
  • You will find a complete range of sports accessories here.
  • Women will get crazy when they see the beauty corner with makeup accessories at the stores because Target stores contain accessories from almost all the brands love by the people.
  • As we all know that Target stores contain each of your needs under a single roof so they also provide all the household items and grocery.
  • You will also find a gift corner at the stores so if you want gifts for your family members and friends than you don’t have to travel across the town to select the best thing for them. You will find everything here.

Target Survey – InformTarget

Target provides its customer to give a valuable feedback after a visit and tell each and everything to them about how they were treated at their stores and how do they find the things they bought there and what are the things they definitely want to see there again and what things they want them to eliminate from their stores to satisfy their customers.

To Access the Target Survey:

  • You need an internet connection to access their online survey questionnaire.
  • You need an email address to have access to the survey questionnaire.
  • You need a receipt that is less than three days older.

To Attempt the survey at

  • Go to
  • Select your choice of the language in which you want to fill and understand the survey questions.
  • Enter your user ID and password that is printed on your receipt.
  • Select the time and date you visited.
  • Answer the survey questions, enter the details asked for the survey and press enter.


The information that is provided by the customers in the survey help Target in analyzing their own performance and try to implement the advises that are given by the customers to them, making their next visit better than the previous one because at the end of the day, it is the customers satisfaction that an organization needs the most to be successful and to gain more exposure to the world and to compete with their rivals and competitors.

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