Target Hours of operation to buy things from the store – What time does Target open? What time does Target close?

You cannot trust everyone with your money when it comes to shopping. You need to be very careful to select a specific shopping market to buy the things that you require in the price that you can afford. Target is the discount retailer market that allows their customers to enjoy their shopping at its peak by buying whatever they want at a good discounted price in a very friendly environment that all of their stores possess. Your job is to keep a track of Targets hours of operation to get a chance to shop at the lowest of prices offered by them which you won’t even be expecting. Target store has well proven their slogan which says “Expect more, pay less.” Most of the people consider their stores as the have preferred them over others as their shopping destination.

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Target is providing its customers with some awesome discounted rates at their stores and thus are loved by the customers of the United States. The Target Cooperation was first founded in 1902 by George Dayton Minneapolis, Minnesota, Unites States. Target is providing services to their customers for more than 110 years with successful planning. Their United States stores are going really well but in March 2013, they launched their 1st store and had planned to expand their chain all across Canada. When they had almost 133 stores, they face a failure in keeping a record of the goods at their warehouses and their stores. Which lead them to the closing of all the 133 branches in Canada and because people started disliking shopping from their stores and, as a result, they got bankrupt. On the other hand, they have 1,805 stores in the United States that are running successfully.

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Products Target Sell

Apart from their performance in Canada due to the management failure and bankruptcy, they are doing a great job in the United States, but you need to be familiar with the Target hours of providing services before visiting them. They are providing their customers with all the necessary items they need under one roof. Some of their main products they used to sell in Canada and are selling in their United Stated stores (Not forgetting that they are providing home delivery services all across the world through shipping and by taking online orders) include:

  • Target stores are offering clothes of men, women and children as well. They provide with all types of clothes including four season clothing stuff and almost a unique style and hundreds of variety that everyone will find something of their choice at the Target.
  • Their stores always contain a separate corner for baby’s accessories with a full range of different types of toys for kids of all ages.
  • If you are looking for furniture then you know you can also find good quality furniture here with latest designs.
  • You will find a vast range of video games at Target stores for teenagers as well.
  • You will find a complete range of sports accessories here.
  • Women will definitely get crazy when they see the beauty corner with makeup accessories at the stores because Target stores contain accessories from almost all the brands love by the people.
  • As we all know that Target stores contain each of your needs under a single roof so they also provide all the house hold items and grocery.
  • You will also find a gift corner at the stores so if you want gifts for your family members and friends than you don’t have to travel across the town to select the best thing for them. You will find everything here.

Target Hours of Operation

It is really important to be familiar with the Target hours before visiting them. Because Target always wants that if their customers would visit them, they always find the Target doors open for them so they may serve their customers with the best of the services and offers them things that they want to buy for themselves or others as well. The opening time for the stores is 8 AM in the morning. Whereas the stores close at 10 p.m. every day except for Saturday when the store closes at 11 pm. All the stores remain open for all seven days in a week to service their valued customers.

InformTarget – Target Survey

Target provides its customer to give a valuable feedback after a visit and tell each and everything to them about how they were treated at their stores and how do they find the things they bought there and what are the things they definitely want to see there again and what things they want them to eliminate from their stores to satisfy their customers.

To Access the Target Survey:

  • You need an internet connection to access their online survey questionnaire.
  • You need an email address to have access to the survey questionnaire.
  • You need a receipt that is less than 3 days older.

To Attempt the survey at

  • Go to
  • Select your choice of the language in which you want to fill and understand the survey questions.
  • Enter your user ID and password that is printed on your receipt.
  • Select the time and date you visited.
  • Answer the survey questions, enter the details asked by the survey and press enter.

InformTarget – Advantages

The main failure of the Canadian stores that the Target faced was due to they did not focus on what customers want, and they had not planned to listen to what the customers have to say to them either. This led them to a disaster which resulted in a great loss to them. Target should have planned the same way as it did for the Unites States retailer Chain. Target listened to the customers of United States through a survey that is why their branches in the United States are gaining profit. It is really important to listen to your customers whatever views they have about you, you should try to find them out so you may know what you are doing wrong and what you should focus on and to hear what your customers have to say about you, Survey is one of the best ways.

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