Participate in McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey at; express your feedback review to get a chance to win a coupon code for discounts in your next meal.

They say that a good tasty meal can make up your day. There are very few restaurants who provide their customers with quality food as well as a friendly environment. If you are looking for some great food, with an awesome environment to enjoy with your friends and family you know, there is only one place you can count on and that is McDonalds. A well-known restaurant by the lovers of fast food and hamburger. You will find some of the perfect foods around here that you have never tasted before and the meal of the day at McDonalds will surely make up the rest of the day for you. McDonalds care about you that is why they offer different kinds of deals for different age groups not ignoring that they provide the most beautiful deals for the kids in the family.


Ray Kroc founded McDonald’s on April 15, 1955, at Des Plaines, Illinois, United States. Now the fast food chain of McDonalds is spread globally on a vast scale where it has established 36000 branches in 119 countries providing services to 69 million customers daily worldwide. McDonalds is a true example of what people call a successful business. Their future policies are so perfect that it’s like they know what will happen next and what they need to do to stay on top of the world and keep on running in the race much faster than all other competitors that they don’t even get a chance to locate McDonald’s success.

Food items that McDonald’s offers

McDonalds provides you with some of the best kinds of foods in the world with the mix of some love for their customers. It’s merely impossible for someone not to fell in love with the food they offer. Most of the customers who don’t have time to sit in the hall and enjoy the meal still drop a visit there and order food through their window.

  • Everyone knows that you will find some hell of burgers here in McDonalds including the delicious Chicken Muffin burger.
  • Another tasty burger McDonald offers Chicken Bog Mac. A burger that will surely make up your day.
  • A really different food that you will find here with a boost of taste in it is McArabia. You just have to try it if you haven’t yet.
  • If you are a single person visiting McDonalds, then McDonald’s offered you single deals in which the most leading deal and loved by people is Chicken Big Mac deal that contains a big Mac burger, a coke glass with some really good McDonald’s fires.
  • McDonalds also offers happy meals including soft drinks, light chicken or fish burgers, Chocolate, strawberry milkshakes and Chicken McNuggets, etc. for their loveable customers.

McDvoice – McDonald’s Survey

The reason for running such a successful business up till now is that they listen to their customers with patience and consider whatever they have to say about the performance of McDonald’s they witnessed on their visit. McDonald tries to make everything according to what their customers want that is why their customers so love them. To hear what their customers wish to say to them real closely they conducted a survey i.e. McDvoice with their customers online.

To Access the McDonalds Survey:

  • You must have the Internet to access the online survey of McDonalds.
  • You must be 15 years old or above to attempt the survey.
  • You should have a receipt of the McDonalds and the entry code on the receipt.

To Attempt the Survey at

  • Go to
  • Enter the store number mentioned on the receipt.
  • Enter KS number present in the left corner of the receipt.
  • Enter the time and date of visit.
  • Enter the order number and amount of money you spend exactly as mentioned on the receipt.
  • Select your age.
  • If entered all the information correctly you can start the survey and answer the questions according to your experience at the restaurant. You can also give your feedback.


Survey enables a company to get to know that how well they are performing in the eyes and point of views of their customers. If a company wants to be successful, then it needs to be in good books of their customer, and they can do so by providing best of the services to their clients. And if their customers are satisfied with their performance and services or not they can check it out through the surveys. Also, customer’s feedback is very important so it can also be taken from customers through surveys.

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