It is extremely important that we take care of our health because we never have any idea of its value until it starts deteriorating. With AARP Medicare Plans at you can manage health plans and find medical products that you can easily have access to in your area. So join AARP Medicare plans today to lead a healthy and contented life.

Why Chose AARP Medicare Plans??

With an appropriate Medicare plan for yourself your age can be just a number that doesn’t disturb your body and mind. Therefore AARP Medicare Plans is your one stop destination to:

  • Know about your United Healthcare plans and insurance benefits.
  • View each plan, their pricing online and request for further information.
  • Search for a doctor, look up prescription drugs and locate a pharmacy.

There are three ways to enroll for these plans: 1) Online 2) via mail 3) via phone.

The best and most convenient way to access your AARP Medicare plans is online because you can manage your plans easily. The online account login system supports the following Medicare plans:

  1. AARP Medicare Complete
  2. AARP Medicare Rx Plans
  3. AARP Medicare Supplement Plans
  4. AARP Hospital Indemnity Plans
  5. AARP Personal Health Insurance Plans.

Registration procedure for AARP Medicare Plans account:

First time users at AARP Medicare will have to set up an account in order to be able to enjoy their services which include the following:

  • Viewing your claims history and benefits details.
  • Tracking your premium payment status and accessing the renew newsletter.
  • Managing your personal health record. Your personal health information is securely stored and automatically updated for you.
  • Alerts and messages are provided to keep you updated and different health assessments available online can keep you healthy.
  • You can also have access to thousands of health articles, videos, images and health tools.

The registration procedure is fairly simple and can be carried out in a few, short and easy steps which have been detailed below for your ease:

  • Go to from your web browser.
  • This will lead you to the homepage of the website. On the bottom right of the page you will see a tab which says “Register Now”. Click that tab and proceed.
  • On the main registration page you will be required to enter your personal details which include your plan member ID and date of birth. Enter your details and click the “Continue” button.
  • Follow the instructions carefully and your new account will be made.
  • You can now benefit from their services.


In order to benefit from AARP Medicare plans you must login into their site. The login procedure is quite easy and can be carried out in a few, short steps which are described as follows:

  • Go to from your web browser.
  • This will lead you to the homepage of the website. In the middle of the page you will see an “Access your account” heading. Enter your username and password in the required fields located beneath that heading.
  • After entering your details click the “Sign In” button.
  • You can now access their services.

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