Participate in Burger King customer satisfaction survey at; express your feedback opinion about their food items and services to get a chance to win prizes or discounts code and redeem it on your next visit.

If you talk about burgers and you don’t keep in mind “Burger King” then you know nothing about what people call good burgers. Burger King is a place especially known for burgers where you can get some quality food that can make up your day. Burger King sees beyond limits and keeps in observance what their customer wants as a burger meal. They idealize their customer views to achieve the highest level of customer’s satisfaction and try to be the best among others. This is one of the reasons why they are known so well.


BK aka Burger King is an American restaurant and a whole fast food chain across the whole world since 1954. The headquarter of BK is situated in Miami, Florida, United States and was founded by David Edgerton and James McLamore. Today BK has globally expanded its 12600 branches in almost 86 countries and running successfully all across the world. More than 11 million customers are served by BK every day globally.

My Burger King Experience

My Experience with BK associates with the quality of the Burgers that was offered by them on my visit. There is a reason why BK is so famous among many others for offering burgers. That reason became clear when I first visited that restaurant and ordered Whopper. One of the best sandwich burger I have ever eaten and it is a special type of sandwich burger which are offered at BK only. The environment of BK restaurant is just lovable providing you with a friendly atmosphere.

Items Offered

I have visited BK many times and have tasted many foods there. There is some food which is worth trying at least once and you will surely like them and will want to taste again. Some of these foods include:

  • Whopper sandwich burger which is way beyond the limits of delicious-ness.
  • If you are a cheese lover you just have to try double cheeseburger. It tastes just amazing.
  • I have also tried BK’s fries. Too good to explain.
  • And you will just love the texture of the nuggets of BK.
  • If you are a KitKat lover then you must give a try to BK Fusion with Kitkat.

If you are looking for a best burger shop in your town then BK is the best choice. You cannot love burgers without loving BK’s cooking.

Burger King Survey –

A survey i.e. My Burger King Experience (www.mybkexperience), was designed by BK to know how much their customers are satisfied after visiting them. The survey was published online to get views about its customer from all around the world to judge themselves from the eyes of people whom they are trying to serve from good to better rather than from good to bad. The survey was a questionnaire that can be completed in just a few couple of minutes.

To attempt the Burger King Survey at

  • You need access to their online survey questionnaire through the internet.
  • You need a receipt from your recent visit to BK.

To Access and answer the survey questions:

  • Go to the link
  • Select your respective language.
  • Enter restaurant number stated on your BK’s receipt.
  • Select the state and province where you visited BK.
  • Select your time and date when you visited BK.
  • Then start the survey by clicking “start” button.
  • Let BK know your views.

My Burger King Experience Survey Advantages

By this My Burger King Experience survey, BK will be able to collect the views of its customers all around the world which will, later on, help BK in focusing on its drawbacks and satisfying its customer more to gain their attraction ultimately doing more business and expanding more. This survey will help people to demand whatever they want in BK’s list to be added and help them improve their work to get more quality food as well as more taste in their food.

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