Log on to www.mycarfax.com to access Carfax online service that provides vehicle history reports to individuals and businesses on used cars and light truck models dating 1981 or later, in America and Canada. The service is availed by millions of users annually and is one of the most trusted site for accessing vehicle history information. A Carfax report is generated in an instant from a database comprising more than ten billion records using the unique 17-character identification number.

Buying a used car is a very tricky process and requires the buyer to be well-informed about the specifications of the car he/she is buying. Carfax helps you buy the best used car by allowing you to access vehicle history reports from billions of records compiled from numerous sources.

The following article will provide detailed guidelines on accessing vehicle history reports from Carfax through a fairly simple and straightforward procedure.

Getting a Vehicle History Report from Carfax – A Step-by-Step Guide

A Carfax report contains detailed and essential information about a used car and may include title information, flood damage history, total loss accident history, lemon history, number of owners, accident indicators (e.g. airbag deployment), service record etc. The information contained in a Carfax enables you to make an informed decision regarding the car you are purchasing. Follow the instructions listed below to get a report:

  1. Go to www.carfax.com from your browser
  2. Click the “Order Reports” button given on the bar
  3. Choose a package. There are three packages. You can choose one from the following:
  • Unlimited Carfax reports
  • 5 Carfax reports
  • One Carfax report
  1. Provide all the required information such as your billing address, car information etc. and follow the instructions to buy a report online
  2. To see the reports you have bought, log in to your account. Click the “My Carfax Reports” section at the bottom of your account page to view or print your Carfax reports for a period of 60 days

To browse for used cars in your area, simply click the “Find a Car” button on the bar at the homepage. Provide the vehicle requirements and view the history of any used car on the site for free. myCarfax is a free service (see below for link) through which you can view your vehicle service history reported to Carfax, get recalls, alerts for upcoming services etc.

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