Access My Gift Card Site at specially designed for cardholders of Prepaid Visa Gift Cards and Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards. With the help of login cardholders can purchase whatever they like; at whatever time they want all across the US. Apart from this, users can activate their card, check their balance, access their card statements and carry out their card management tasks online.

My Gift Card Site Login Procedure

If you need to activate your visa or master card via My Gift Card Site or you need to have access to all the different services at this site you need to login. The login procedure is quite easy and has been described below in a few steps:

  • My Gift Card Site uses pop-up windows to provide you with additional information. If you are using pop-up blocker software with your browser, you cannot view all of the information you need. If you want to fully use this website you need to disable your pop-up blocker software.
  • Go to from your web browser.
  • This will lead you to the main My Gift Card Site login page. On this page, you will be required to enter all the details in the given fields which include your card number, your card security code (a three digit code located at the back of your card) and a captcha code which appears on the screen.
  • After carefully filling out the required information click the “Login” button located at the bottom-right of the page.
  • You can now fully enjoy their card services.
  • If you have any problems or queries you can see their FAQ page or contact them at their toll free number 1-866-952-5653.

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