Humana Member Services at accesses you to advantageous Medicare plans, prescription-based drug supply programme, supplement insurance plan, group-based healthcare plans, plans for special healthcare requirements and other optional supplemental benefits. Along with its health insurance facilities, myHumana provides its customers with a complete set of programmes and tools to live a healthy long and better life.

About Humana Incorporation:

Humana Incorporation is an American profit-based health insurance company that was established in 1961, in Louisville, Kentucky. According to a survey carried out in 2014, has over 13 million customers and 52,000 employees. It was ranked 73rd in Fortune 500 list of 2013 making it one of the highest ranked (revenue vise) company based in Kentucky. Basically, Humana Incorporation aims to market and provide health care and health insurance, by designing various health plans to meet the needs of the costumers.

How to avail myHumana Member Services:

  • Visit the given link.
  • Click on “sign in or register” button on the top right corner of the page. After signing up the first time you log on, the site will ask you to setup your preferences, alerts, and notifications. After that go on to the homepage.
  • You will see a new member dashboard on the homepage, which provides you with an overview of all your active plans, claims, spending accounts and balances. By participating in the program, you can also keep a track of your Humana vitality wellness stats.
  • To personalize your account information click the given “account settings” present at the top right corner of the page.
  • To locate all your medical claims, plan summary, and the deductible amounts from your account, takes a look at the bottom of this homepage dashboard.
  • To see the history of your health plans along with the present state of your deductibles go to “coverage, claims, and spending” present on the top left corner of the homepage.
  • You can view in detail your year to date spending overview, status of a claim and the responsibilities of a member given that this does not involve premium payment.
  • For participating in HumanaVitality, click the “humana vitality tab” and then manage your humana vitality account. Humana vitality lets you earn vitality points that can be turned into rewards. So basically, you can get rewards just by staying online and making good healthier decisions in life.
  • Humana vitality members having their medical plans can take an online health assessment right here on the site.

How to get Humana Medicare Rewards:

Visit the given site “

Sign into your myHumana account and complete the five preventive health measures in order to get your reward. Which are given below as;

  • Get flue shots.
  • Get the Pneumonia or Hepatitis B Shots.
  • Get your mammogram done.
  • Get your bone mass osteoporosis test.
  • Get a prostate cancer screening.

In case of any queries feel free to contact the toll free support 1-888-371-9538.

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