Integrative Health Care is an organization that is created by the group of physicians to provide ease to their patients to get cure to their problems. They provide their patients with natural medicines to get rid of many problems like thyroid, to get relief from natural pain, digestion, and allergy etc. If patients are using Integrative Health Care at then they can be easily avail the services provided by integrative health care. By just sitting at their home because with this they can be connected to their respective doctors and they can help them with their problems, diet and exercises.

How to access MyIntegrative Health Care portal

  1. Visit to the website
  2. On the right side of the page, click on the orange block ‘TAKE QUIZ’
  3. Now click on ‘Start the quiz’ at the center of the page.
  4. You will be asked different questions which you have to answer according to the way you feel and think.
  5. After answering to 16 questions you will be given an online form, asking for your first name and email id and you have to provide your details to get the result.
  6. After that click on ‘SHOW MY RESULT’ in the green block.

After getting the result of the quiz you will know your problem which cannot be 100% correct but still you can contact to the physician of your own choice, online, by sitting at your home. So that the physician can provide you with an appointment date for your check to resolve your problem.

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