Pearson is one of the world’s learning companies specialized in helping everyone learn—whenever, wherever, and however it suits them. Their products and services are carefully studied, expertly developed, and repeatedly improved to ensure that they deliver the best possible learner outcomes that facilitate people around the world to make progress in their lives.

Why Choose Pearson?

Pearson is different from the other companies because they ensure learning for:

  • Everyone: With a truly global mindset and offices in more than 70 countries, they are dedicated to reaching learners wherever they are in the world.
  • At Every Stage: They help people learn at every stage of their lives, from prekindergarten to secondary school, into higher education, through professional development and training, and beyond.
  • In Every Way: They offer a wide range of ways to learn: direct delivery such as schools and colleges; digital products; platforms and services; analog and print materials such as textbooks; and assessments, tests, and qualifications.

Apart from this they:

  • Enable students from varying backgrounds to develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Prepare students to compete in a rapidly changing global economy.
  • Increase access to online and blended learning tools and teacher training programs.
  • Provide traditional learning tools such as college textbooks and curricula.
  • Offer new, digital and interactive tools that work alongside existing materials.
  • Provide flexible online courses for continuing and non-traditional students.
  • Ensure full implementation and training of educators and administrators at higher education institutions.
  • Make sure that MyLabsPlus, Pearson’s leading educational technology, is easily connected to your school’s student information system and learning management system. This enables educators to enroll, manage and report on student progress across multiple courses.
  • Guarantee flexible reporting that allows the complete monitoring of a student’s progress.
  • Facilitate convenient access to Pearson MyLab & Mastering learning resources on a campus-wide scale.

You can find further information by visiting their site, by making a Pearson account or by signing into your account. Just click the following link to their website:

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