MyLunchMoney is the nation’s leading site at that helps update and manage your student’s cafeteria expenses and provides parents with an online payment system to pay for their child’s meals with a credit or debit card and access account balances and spending history. With MyLunchMoney, parents can access their child’s school meal account, anytime, anywhere. To make a one-time payment, you can also use their Smart Pay option.

How to Use

The site at the URL also features setting for meal control, spending limit and a multi student funding option. The site provides a great way to ensure your child is being fed healthy and nutritious meals.

Why use My Lunch Money?

MyLunchMoney has been involved in the provision and development of products and services that makes the life of parents all across the nation easier. By aiding school foodservice programs with their technological and operational expertise, they ensure financial and nutritional accountability.

How do I know if my student’s school is participating?

To find out if your student’s school is participating, go to the “Register For AN Account” option on their homepage. Provide all the required details to search for your school, such as your zip code or the zip code of the school or district. Choose your district from the drop down menu and all the schools within that district will be displayed. If your school is not listed, then go to the “Contact” link and contact MyLunchMoney by filling out the form on the Contact page, providing all the details of your school and your school will be contacted with details of its services.

Will I be charged for this service?

The basic service which includes viewing student balances and meal history, receiving low balance alerts as well as the option to set daily or weekly spending limits for your students, comes free of cost. However you may be charged a small service fee for each payment you make if you want to fund an online account. You will be able to view the fees at the time of payment and before completing the transaction.

How do I locate an online store?

Simply enter the zip code of the school or district and click “Search”. If there is an online store, you will get a link in the My Stores section. Click on the link to go to the online store where you can view and purchase any items for sale.

How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order, contact the school, business or office in which the online store is located.

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