San Bernardino has its own website related to tax collection. This website i.e. is a one-stop destination as it provides you with all the information that you need and it has numerous features which makes it stand out from the rest. San Bernardino is a county situated in the southern part of California (US). It is the fifth-most crowded region in California, and the twelfth most crowded in the United States according to the 2010 survey. This county is famous for its forests and tourism.

The process to access My Tax Collector Online

All you need to do is click the following link With the help of this website:

  • You can search for various asserted and available properties.
  • You can check for different unclaimed property tax repayments.
  • New property holders can get detailed information about the importance of the proper and well-timed payment of their taxes.
  • You can buy tax defaulted properties through their online auction.
  • You can get a mobile house tax approval certificate with the help of this website.
  • You can pay all your taxes online via different credit cards.
  • You can select to get your property tax invoices by electronic means.
  • You can directly upload files on this site and pay later on via credit card or check.
  • You can keep a track of all the important dates.
  • You cancontact your tax collector.
  • You can get full info on the different programs and their respective schedules.
  • You can subscribe to get updates about them.
  • You can request for the forms that you require.

For further information you can visit their office at

268 West Hospitality Lane, first floor San Bernardino. CA 92415-0360. They will be available from 8am-5pm (Mon-Fri) except on authorized day offs.
Or you can dial their helpline (909) 387-8308.

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