Staples is one of those companies that have made online shopping a breezy and enjoyable experience. The site features a great structure design as well as Staples Advantage Ordering Online program at for customers through which they can purchase things such as office supplies with a single click.

Staples Inc., founded in 1986, is the world’s largest office supply chain store and the world’s second largest retailer after Amazon. In the past few decades, the chain has expanded considerably, comprising over 2000 stores and has a workforce made up of over 50,000 employees worldwide. Its business consists of North American Delivery, North American Retail and Staples International.

Staples Online Ordering – A Detailed Guide

StaplesLink list around 80,000 products to choose from and with the online order tracking system, automated approval process and account management, a customer’s life has been made all the more easier to browse for the desired purchase, place an order and make personalized purchase lists.

To register for a new account, you need to provide all the required information such as your agency or company, contact first name and contact last name, department name, delivery address, city, state, zip code, county etc.

If you are already a registered customer then all you need to do is enter your user ID and password to log in. In case you are unable to recall your user ID or password, simply click the “Forgot your User ID or Password” option, provide your email address and your login credentials will be emailed to you.

Staples Online Ordering provides a very user-friendly ordering mechanism, allowing the customers to view a customized variety of products as well as access to a horde of other things; you can keep track of your order, status and proof of delivery; save shopping lists for frequently ordered items; find the right ink and toner for your printer machines; save time through online returns and much more.

For further inquiries, contact Staples Advantage Customers at 1-877-826-7755 and EWay Customers at   1-888-238-6329.

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